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Comments (19)


Lila (63514)
14 days ago
I really like Selena Gomez so much I want to with her right now
Angelina (48756)
61 days ago
do one with rob lowe
Kyle (26581)
119 days ago
i want nicolas cage in the list
Tristian ross (37508)
135 days ago
Logan Lerman im one of your biggest fan i realy want to talk to you even im from philippines i love your movies percy jackson is my favorite movie book
Chloe (26795)
150 days ago
My fav actor is Theo James he's my life
Konya (04184)
232 days ago
Tailor Swift is my faviourate i love her songs and even her heart
GWEN FAYE cheadle age 12 (86427)
275 days ago
your are beautiful and he will like you for you but if he dosent like you for you he ant the one for you just find some one who see you for you and that your beautiful
benwolfrouk (48619)
491 days ago
Hi if this comment is posted how to get an account? or did i do it
Jawahar (76197)
505 days ago
I love you jahara sooooop much
saee (46739)
618 days ago
I love you anika and i win you
Afridi shaikh (92825)
621 days ago
I am looking like varun dhawan
zoey (51798)
634 days ago
one direction!!!!!!!!!!!!
emguai (15823)
654 days ago
please i quizz about TOM HARDY!!
Yugal wadhwa (31787)
682 days ago
Iam a bigg fan of varun dhawan
Haley diehl (90221)
689 days ago
I love Ross Lynch

I want to kiss his pretty face!!!!!!!!!!
Mithila (13663)
704 days ago
I like taylor swift very much. I like your song very much.Your style and bad blood song is my favourite songs.I love you so much.:)
Aria (67015)
711 days ago
I mean don't post ur phone number here
Aria (67015)
711 days ago
Kilee don't eat ur phone number here. Ppl can see it and they will stalk u and they will do bad stuff to u
Kilee (20137)
726 days ago
I love you!!!!!! Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift!!!!!!! Please give me your address ,phone number !!! I'm your BIGGEST FAN EVER!!!!!!!! I want to be a singer but take it after YOU!!! PLEASE CALL ME !!!!! My cell number is 661-487-3570 LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!