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Are You A True Moonwalker?

Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson Lyric Quiz

Michael Jackson Quiz

Michael Jackson Quiz

Michael Jackson Quiz

The Ultimate Michael Jackson Fan Quiz

Michael Jackson quiz

How Well Do You Know Michael Jackson?

How Well Do You Know Michael Jackson?

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catgirl ( 2.247 )
Posted 170 days ago
Michael Jackson was a cute and handsome angel and he still is in my heart RIP I LOVE YOU MJ AND WILL ALWAYS WILL 💚💛💜❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤💖💖💖💖❤💖💜💚💛
Gauri ( 6.198 )
Posted 199 days ago
Miss u miss u miss u ummaaaaaa
Gauri ( 52.64 )
Posted 205 days ago
Mj ur not dead ur living in my heart ummaa
MJ Fan ( .14.6 )
Posted 231 days ago
i love you Michael Jackson and BIllie Jean is not my lover
catgirl ( 3.184 )
Posted 269 days ago
I will aways miss Michael Jackson he was a cutie to me and he was so gorgeous we will all miss you MJ💙💜🎤👑👑👑🎵🎵🎵
MJ fan ( 1.172 )
Posted 306 days ago
I know him more then my self. I know everything about him. He is the best singer and dancer. I love him very much.

RIP Michael Jackson
We will always love you.
michael jackson ( 0.246 )
Posted 335 days ago
I know him very well I read all about him and he's my favorite singer

moonwalker for life
we will always miss him
Iliana ( 6.240 )
Posted 379 days ago
Do you now micheal jackson as much as I do
catgirl ( 3.242 )
Posted 407 days ago
dogboy is so STUPID!!! Michael Jackson is amazing and so are cats that is why my name is catgirl because cats are amazing.this Christmas I am going to get a Michael Jackson doll
catgirl ( 2.191 )
Posted 418 days ago
OK I am over it! do not read his commet its wrong and it will aways be I HATE DOGBOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
dogboy ( 62.51 )
Posted 418 days ago
you know what catgirl you are ugly
catgirl ( 2.191 )
Posted 418 days ago
Dogboy is wrong fans can do this quiz do not listen to dogboy he is not telling the truth he is bad. every time you see his commets DO NOT READ IT CAUSE ITS WRONG HE HATES MJ I LOVE MJ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
dogboy ( 62.51 )
Posted 418 days ago
catgirl you are crazy this quiz its easy if you are really a true mj fan you will do it with out cheating loser
catgirl ( 2.191 )
Posted 418 days ago
this quiz is hard. remember no ones perfect so try your best and we will see if you are a true Michael Jackson fan