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First DanTDM Quiz

How well do you know DanTDM?

How well do you know DanTDM?

DanTDM true or false

How well do you know Dantdm?

A DanTDM Challenge

True or False DanTDM Editon

DanTDM fan quiz

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Cay ( 73211 )
Posted 490 days ago
I got 100 percent I love Dan and watch him all day..I have no life XDI LOVE DAN #Danisbae
Ethan ( 51220 )
Posted 501 days ago
Hi Dan Wath is your s pohne number
Re ( 82770 )
Posted 504 days ago
Reuben tdm
Reuben tdm
Jose ( 70447 )
Posted 504 days ago
Dan is the best!!!!!!! And a awesome YouTuber
Lol ( 04657 )
Posted 517 days ago
Dan is best but I recanend squid
Gamer Chad ( 57308 )
Posted 519 days ago
Dan is my second favourite you tuber except me of course💎vs me!!😁😀
Bambina247 ( 47162 )
Posted 564 days ago
epiccow ( 10337 )
Posted 564 days ago
Sam ( 40016 )
Posted 579 days ago
Dantdm is epic a lot
Summa ( 63332 )
Posted 593 days ago
I love random
I love dantdm
Ayush ( 75564 )
Posted 610 days ago
DanTDM is awesome he is the best you tuber ever
nicola ( 42247 )
Posted 612 days ago
man i still think this is a dumb quiz
and 💗 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Logan ( 43789 )
Posted 621 days ago
Your right!!!!!
Maddy ( 78738 )
Posted 656 days ago
I agree this is a dumb quiz!
cecilia tran ( 12773 )
Posted 691 days ago
now im leaving this 💗 quiz!!!!!!bye
cecilia tran ( 12773 )
Posted 691 days ago
.......sorry im says on the very bottom that you could take this quiz!!!!they maybe cant see what this 💗 quiz one even took this quiz!!!!!!please comment back or if you dont know you made this....just comment back.its okay if you dont know who made this 💗 quiz!!!!!well someone has to comment back who the map creator is so its kind of not okay because i want to hear about this 💗 quiz..WITH THE MAP CREATOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
cecilia tran ( 12773 )
Posted 691 days ago
guys this is not even a questions............dont take this quiz!!!!I came here for nothing!!!!!you guys could tell the map creator who made this 💗 quiz!!!!!!!!!!!!I like quizzes a lot.....but this one is really dumb.I took lots of quizzes and there fun!!!!I tried lots of minecraft quizzes..only 1 i got correct!!!!!!!!!so please tell the map creator about this quiz!!!!!this is completly nothing!!!!!!!thanks guys!!!!!!.........when you guys are done telling to the map creator please comment back!!!!!thanks!!!!!