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DanTDM True or False

Do you know DanTDM?

DanTDM quiz

How well do you know DanTDM?

How Well Do You Know About DanTDM?

Dantdm quiz

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Comments (108)


Dantdms biggest fan (13538)
368 days ago
DAN IS AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!🐕🐩👑😁😀😄
Lexi (84421)
414 days ago
dantdm is the best YouTuber in the world 🌎!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
XXzebroXX (16786)
435 days ago
He is my favourute youtuber very very very
hammad12312 (11486)
435 days ago
ya he is soo cool but how do you answer this quiz
Dantdmfangirl (27112)
436 days ago
Dantdm is SOOOO cool I love his videos sooooo much
JJ (19273)
442 days ago
I love dantdm he is my favourite
aj (91480)
493 days ago
Dantdm is my favart youtuber ever I even meet him in minecone
Mariana (48374)
497 days ago
I got 100997 points!!
Grand (96707)
516 days ago
Yes 2222222222222222456
Hannah (43511)
532 days ago
I CAN NOT LIVE ONE SECOND WITHOUT WATCHING OR DOING ANYTHING DAN RELATED(By the way so everyone knows I'm a real fan his name is "Daniel Middleton"so I LOVE DAN!
Brielle (85233)
535 days ago
Hi DanTDM I am one of your BIGGEST FANS EVER
Sorry I am not on Twitter I want to be your daughter.
Cay (73211)
548 days ago
I got 100 percent I love Dan and watch him all day..I have no life XDI LOVE DAN #Danisbae
Ethan (51220)
559 days ago
Hi Dan Wath is your s pohne number
Re (82770)
562 days ago
Reuben tdm
Reuben tdm
Jose (70447)
562 days ago
Dan is the best!!!!!!! And a awesome YouTuber
Lol (04657)
575 days ago
Dan is best but I recanend squid
Gamer Chad (57308)
577 days ago
Dan is my second favourite you tuber except me of course💎vs me!!😁😀
Bambina247 (47162)
622 days ago
epiccow (10337)
622 days ago
Sam (40016)
637 days ago
Dantdm is epic a lot