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Comments (82)


BreGee (71503)
583 days ago
Wait, this place has comments?! I didn't know that... :P
yos (72050)
593 days ago
this looks so coooool yeh everyone
mia (94963)
597 days ago
someone should make a bbaker shwn dawson or tpindel or tre melvin quiz dont care about how things are spelled
Blalalalah😊 (95853)
598 days ago
Someone should make a Twaimz one
Reagan (82820)
604 days ago
Mack a joey graceffa quiz plz
Mavis (53525)
613 days ago
SkyDoesMinecraft?He's not my favorite YouTuber though.
Joey Graceffa (97212)
614 days ago
Hey make a LDShadowlady
Joseph Garett (97212)
614 days ago
Hi its stampy ! can someone make a cake quiz????????
yo mama (68694)
628 days ago
some one has to make a test about Brent Rivera. He is my fav youtuber❤❤
subhash chandra barman (50242)
632 days ago
show the quiz contest
gabbie (20679)
639 days ago
WHAT THEY DON'T HAVE SAMGLATEATOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
sam (70462)
644 days ago
they don't have an ihas cupquake. :(
julinne (39900)
686 days ago
i like dantdm stampy iballisticsquid ashleyosity amy lee 33 goodmythicalmorning jpeygraceffa ssundee popularmmos and gamingwithjen
Joey Graceffa (39349)
692 days ago
Oyy hello everyone I'm so thankful for you guys
Kitty's (39349)
692 days ago
I lllllloooooovvvvveeeee it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Savanna (14474)
725 days ago
just kidding thats solo mean that was my brother
Savanna (14474)
725 days ago
I loved the star wars movie. I love da girl in it too, she did amazing. But she looks very lonely in life.
Johanna Smith (74010)
734 days ago
twin (56858)
738 days ago
love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Cats😸 (57800)
740 days ago
Loop veer it it's meow-some