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Are you able to sanely and humanly cope with your boredom?

Are you bored?

Are you bored?

For all the bored people.

The Boredom Quiz

Bored and Completely Random

How bored am I?

The Bored Quiz

How bored are you?

How bored are you?

Are you bored?

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Me ok ( 39861 )
Posted 39 days ago
I'm am bored to death HELP
Potatoe ( 39861 )
Posted 39 days ago
Mega sad :-( :-( :-(
Potatoe ( 39861 )
Posted 39 days ago
Why am I so bored and its the middle of the night and I can't even move JUST MAKE ME UNBORED plz
babyrex..youtuber telugu ( 74202 )
Posted 75 days ago
im bored..n lonely frnds
Barzeskey ( 66424 )
Posted 115 days ago
it is a great idea to create this website... and the creator dosent sound as a busy person.......!
Banana ( 90664 )
Posted 143 days ago
I don't even get how this is a quiz!! So bored!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :(:(:(
Anneka_lol2006 ( 94085 )
Posted 193 days ago
this makes me want to through my computer it is so dumb. Anyone agree with me.
hurricane ( 61334 )
Posted 226 days ago
im australian and i died cause of boredom
lisha ( 79139 )
Posted 227 days ago
who is from the uk ):
lisha ( 79139 )
Posted 227 days ago
i am bored and lonely ):
iiKinq_Trill ( 22429 )
Posted 261 days ago
This is boring
Mia soni ( 45729 )
Posted 494 days ago
Namaste to all!🙏
It's seriously boring!😖😟😞
Skylar ( 98553 )
Posted 555 days ago
This is so boring
Misslady ( 99339 )
Posted 586 days ago
I can't believe how bored I am. I'm about to take a quiz. and then go find me a hobby. I have to get off this 💗 computer and out this house!!!
I'm bored ( 61221 )
Posted 590 days ago
I'm bored so I took this quiz. I typed something boring did'nt I? Yep, I think I did. Probably because I am bored.