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Bored or Not?

Are you able to sanely and humanly cope with your boredom?

The Boredom Quiz

Bored quiz

How bored are you?

How bored are you?

How bored am I?

For all the bored people.

Are you bored?

Are you bored?

I'm Bored

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Comments (28)


bOBTHE BORED (90605)
6 days ago
Bro Environmental System sucks
I like donats (57175)
7 days ago
Umm so like I am bored and I don't like being bored and so I am bored and so like everyone is bored and so I am really really bored.
josie (22984)
22 days ago
im bord doing absolutely nothing in social studies
vivek sharma (91764)
23 days ago
i am bored in my office bcoz i haven't any work.
and what i do in my office
b'coz there have only internet and i also open only google.
BOREDOM (01433)
26 days ago
terri (66073)
36 days ago
im in isolation im soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo bored omg go away school
thotluver (44142)
43 days ago
long day of work ever. got 15 mins left... an counting... I did find out there was a bird that had a cross appear on its head.. people thought it could be a sign from god... so yah.. pretty boring
Nate. (07508)
45 days ago
I am currently in my computer apps class. I AM SO BORED.
meh (06734)
57 days ago
(maroon))bored ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
isaac/stuntmaster360 (27744)
61 days ago
I am so bored all I'm doing is sitting on my bed in my room
It's ya gurl Jojo the snowman (03175)
83 days ago
I am boreeddddddddddddddddddd. I want to go somehwere but at the same time I hate leaving the house
DEEZ N UTTS (55300)
86 days ago
in English class and bored out of my mind
YoonaMin25 (39899)
111 days ago
i'm totally bored aish
Sweetie!! (36943)
111 days ago
I m intrestingly i love dz
Me ok (39861)
167 days ago
I'm am bored to death HELP
Potatoe (39861)
167 days ago
Mega sad :-( :-( :-(
Potatoe (39861)
167 days ago
Why am I so bored and its the middle of the night and I can't even move JUST MAKE ME UNBORED plz
babyrex..youtuber telugu (74202)
203 days ago
im bored..n lonely frnds
Barzeskey (66424)
244 days ago
it is a great idea to create this website... and the creator dosent sound as a busy person.......!
Banana (90664)
271 days ago
I don't even get how this is a quiz!! So bored!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :(:(:(