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When Will I get My First Period?

ACCURATE 1st period test

When is your first period?

How long until you get your first period?

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KittyKaja (89760)
21 hours ago
One or two underarm hair
KittyKaja (89760)
21 hours ago
age 11
Bo@bs too small for bras (A) but too biig for croptop
A lot of pubic hair
No crumbs (IDK why)
Hight 1 meter 50cm
Weight 30.5 kg
My step-mom had her first period when she was 14. I think I'm going to have my first period in a few months! I can't wait! I'm so excited! OMG! I know it first hurts but I just can't wait!
Me🌍🌈😏 (40739)
3 days ago
Im 11 years old, my mum got it at 11 too. I had discharge for more than 6 months. I weight 41 KILOGRAMS and im 154 cm tall. My 💗 are triangelar and starting to round out, i think stage 3. I have a few dark underarm hairs and a lot curly pubic hair darker than my hair (dark brown) My legs and hands are super hairy. I have a lot of mood swings and food crawings. I get cramps like 1-3 times per week, but they hurt just a little. My 💗 hurt a lot to touch. Im wondering when will i get it so pls help❤
Ruby (65756)
5 days ago
I think I have been going throw a few drops of blood
Jennieeeeww (96101)
5 days ago
heya kaci! Although you are getting signs of a period like discharge - that gloopy stuff - it is not obvious that your period will come soon. How hairy are you? Just in case, take a pad or two in your school bag! Good luck I’m sure you’ll be fine! Xx
Kirra (13839)
6 days ago
Hi I want to know when my period will start
I'm 11 my mum got it at 13
I've been developings breasts for about a year and a half
I got my first supportive bra a week ago but I had been using crop tops for about a year and a half.
I'm not really sure what size they are but they are quite small tho
I'm not really sure if I've been getting discharge or not
I weigh 32 kilograms NOT POUNDS
I am beginning to get underarm hair
I have thick, black, curly hair down there it began to appear 2.2 years ago
I'm feeling sorta strange lately like I want to curl up into a tiny ball and eat hot salty chips lol and my stomach is a little sore
Pls help I don't want to get it at school lol.
Kaci (48466)
6 days ago
hi, im 12 years old and im not really sure when my period will start. I have been having stomach aches and clear goopy stuff coming when i wipe.i havent started to shave although im going to start soon my 💗 are developings fast but im not sure what size my bra is. Im worried of going to school and it happening when im not prepared can anyone help me solve this?
zodic (56081)
9 days ago
Hi I really would like to know when I will get my period
Developings breast for 2 years. I’m a 32A at Victoria’s Secret
I’ve been getting discharge for 14 months
I am 13.2 years old, my mom got it at 13.5 years old
I weigh 80 pounds.
I’ve getting getting underarm hair for 6 months. It’s long but light brown and thin
I’ve grown 4 inches in year.
I’ve been growing Pubic bair for about 1.5 years. I have a lot that’s thin and dark. Not full or thick though. Kind of curly
I shave my legs like twice a week.
Tabitha (85834)
10 days ago
Someone text me back about this
Ok so
I've had cramps everyday
And I just don't feel like my self I'm like turning into a hole new person
Meeee🔥 (67740)
11 days ago
Idekhelp (18786)
12 days ago
@Allie I think maybe in the next couple of months (don’t take this too seriously I’m probably wrong!)
Allie (19007)
13 days ago
Someone estimate me plzzz

Age: 12
Weight: 120lbs
Had discharge for about a year now
Bra size: 34A
Grade: 6
Height: 5'3
Mom was 13-14
Hair is dark but not curly
Extreme Mood Swings
Light Aches

Please estimate!!
Idekhelp (18786)
13 days ago
Thankyou @Jenny 👍🏼
Tay tay (16555)
14 days ago
@ Sophie thx
Jenny (43691)
14 days ago
@Idekhelp yes those are signs of period but it doesn't mean you'll get it instantly. It may be around the corner. I'll get u more info ASAP. Hang in there, good luck girl! X
Idekhelp (18786)
15 days ago
Idekhelp (18786)9 minutes ago
I’ve had light achy cramps for 24 hours now and I’ve had achy and sometimes sharpish back pains for over a week. Could this be sign of my first period very soon? Could someone please help!! X
help❤️ (18786)
15 days ago
Is there any signs of pms? Cramps back pains spotting etc? @???
??? (13279)
15 days ago
Hey! Can someone please guess when I’ll start?
I’m 14 almost 15
Mom was 15-16?
Weight: 95 pounds
Grade: 8th
Height: 5’5
Hair everywhere
Bra size: A 30
Very small for my age
OH and I have discharge for like 1yr
Someone please take a guesstimate
Amy (43691)
15 days ago
Ok, I think my middle school has it. I just hope I can handle all of this. You are very helpful, thanks x
⭐️ (18786)
15 days ago
I don’t know if they have them at every school but at mine you can ask for a toilet card if you speak to a teacher or head of year and it means you can just show it to your current teacher and go to the toilet whenever no matter what they say. And fair enough I get self conscious about having stuff on hand too so don’t worry x