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How long until you get your first period?

First Period Quiz (Do it if you want to know!)

First Period Quiz

First Period ????????????

When will you get your first period?

When will you get your first period?

Girl period test ???????????

When will I get my first period?

When will I get my first period?

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Katie 💜 (52355)
47 days ago
P.S. I'd also like whoever was pretending to be me to tell me pls. I won't get mad at u I just wasn't very happy. Thx 😕☺️
Anon #1 (12.5 years old): U should be getting ur period VERY soon. Probably in about 1 month or even less! Good luck! Keep pads with u just incase 😘
Anon #2 (13 years old): U should probably get ur period in about 2+ months or so. Take painkillers for the cramps hon 😊😬 xoxo 💕
Katie 💜 (52355)
47 days ago
Hey Elle! The person who gave u nothing estimate is NOT me. And I don't appreciate people pretending to be me. Besides, I always end with an xoxo 💕 But I'll estimate u as myself 😂 So I believe u have already gotton ur period! That brown smear was probably spotting or ur actual period. Hope this helped 😘 xoxo 💕
Katie💜 (65016)
47 days ago
Hello elle💛💛!! How big was the brown smear bc that is probably your period! If it was small it was probably spotting 💟😇
Elle (70594)
47 days ago
Please estimate me!!
11.4 years old
lots of leg hair since I was 10- have to shave every 2-3 days
reeeeeally long, curly armpit hair and lots of it- had it for about 6 months
not too much or too little pubic hair- in the middle and almost the color of my hair
big enough breasts that I wear a training bra with padding in it
TONS of discharge- had it since I was nine and its so bad I have to change under wear every 12 hours or else it will be a HUGE mess
random mood swings every day since last week
oily hair if I don't wash it every other day
73 pounds
craps past couple days
mom had hers 5 months from my age
some acne
I should also note that there was a random brown smear in my underwear PRETTY SURE IT WASN'T POO- mom said it was my period but I'm not sure
Miley damoude (08873)
48 days ago
Thanks Katie!!✨✨❤❤❤
Cece (65016)
48 days ago
For that one I just did was for the first anonymous(the one that is 12.5 years old) This estimate is for the second anonymous. I think you will get it I’m 3-6 months. Good luck!!
Cece (65016)
48 days ago
Anonymous: I think you’re very close. Like 1-2 months close. Good luck yoh should get it very soon
Anonymous (48419)
48 days ago
-discharge for 2-3 years
-underarm and leg hair for two years, shave once a week
-middle sized 💗
-mood swings almost every day
-craving chocolate and apples
-middleish oily hair
-full bushy hair down there👇👇
-above 100 pounds
-13 years old
-acne on my face all over
-cramps here and there every so often but they hurt really bad
-mom had hers at age 13, my age

please help😕😕
Anonymous (21951)
48 days ago
Hi, could somebody please estimate me.
I am 12.5 years old
I weigh 110lbs
I am 5ft 4/5, had a large growth spurt about 6 months ago
Mum got hers at age 12
Bra size 32B breasts began developing 3.5 years ago
Discharge everyday, have to wear pantiliners, started 3.5 years ago
Spotting once about 6 months ago
Full bushy dark hair down there, been growing for 3.5 years
Full armpit hair have to shave every other day
My legs are covered in hair have to shave every day
Really bad cramps every day had them for about a year
Hair is really oily, sometimes it just slips out of my fingers it is so oily
Getting acne but not overly bad, had it for about a year
I crave food 24/7
Very tender breasts
Constant mood swings had them for 3 years

Thank you to whoever estimates me
Katie 💜 (52355)
48 days ago
Hey Sally!! U should probably get ur period actually very soon. Maybe in about 2-3 months or so!! Hope this helped 😊😋 xoxo 💕
SAlly (47253)
48 days ago
Someone please estimate me
- a sized bra, growing for a bout 2.5 years
- discharge everyday since the beginning about 1.5 years ago
- no spotting
- a couple of long dark hair underarms, 6 months
- loads of pubic hair, really thick, black, only curly at the bottom, spreading, around 1.5 years
- cramps every so often bt when they come they hurt sooo much
- Super oily hair
- pimples everywhere, especially T zone, for about 2 years
- always crave chocolate and sweets
- mum was exactly 14 when she got hers, 6 months older than me
- Super tender breasts
- super moody
- hair is starting to become darker on my legs and arms

thank you soo much
Katie 💜 (52355)
48 days ago
Hey Miley! I saw ur other message on the other period quiz!! Tysm!! Ur such a sweetheart 😍☺️ xoxo 💕
Miley damoude (08873)
48 days ago
Katie* its too short soooooo djdbdudjd dbxhxbx
Miley damoude (08873)
48 days ago
Kate you are always on here. You are such a sweet person.
Katie 💜 (52355)
48 days ago
Hey cece!! My estimate may not be accurate bc I'm no doctor, so bear with me 😅 I think u may get ur period in about 3-4 months or so. It all depends. Hope this helped 😘😊 xoxo 💕
Cece (65016)
48 days ago
So Katie if I started developing breats 1 year and 11 months ago when do u think I’ll get it
Katie 💜 (52355)
48 days ago
Hey cece!! Yes around that time! It depends for each person! 😊😘 xoxo 💕
Cece (65016)
48 days ago
How long do u get ur period after u start developing breats 2 year?
Katie 💜 (52355)
48 days ago
Hey cece!! Yes. It is a possibility. Most girls do when their breast have been developing for a while, but again, it's different for everyone 😊 xoxo 💕
Cece (65016)
48 days ago
Katie, my mom got here at 13 and I just turned 13. Can u still get ur period whe your breats are triangular