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First Period Quiz!

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When is your first period?

When will I get my first period quiz!

How long until you get your first period?

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valentina (75588)
98 days ago
hey guys... could someone estimate me?
❤️i am 11 years old.
❤️i have been having discharge for 2-3 weeks now.
❤️i way 90-95 pounds
❤️ my 💗 are becoming round now
❤️ i have dark thick black hair down there
❤️ also in my armpits (shave)
❤️ i shaved my legs once but that was a mistake bc i don’t have any black hair in them
❤️my mom got hers when she was 14
❤️ i’m a cup size “a”

Michelle Vasquez (16874)
98 days ago
I’m only ten it said I will have my period in 1 month is it always accurate and why do we have to wear pantyliners aren’t they the same things as pads
Cream (88786)
98 days ago
Can someone estate me please
I am 12 my mom got hers when she was 13
I way 90-115 lbs
My breast are starting to round out
1/2 discharge on and off
1/8 leg hair
2/8 armpit hair
No cramps or anything
If theirs eny thing else you need to now please tell me and I will respond as fast as I can
Dragonlover497 (88786)
99 days ago
And don't be embarrassed to ask her for a better bra
Dragonlover497 (88786)
99 days ago
Lola tell your mom that the training bras are not working that well and ask her if she can get you a reel bra that will support you better
Lola (72204)
99 days ago
I need a bra , I am in training ones atm.when I spoke to my mum about getting them she just got me more training bras, they don’t support me anymore , what shall I do???
Dragonlover497 (88786)
101 days ago
Teegyn if you could give me all your information then i an estimate you and i migh be able o help
Teegyn (90779)
101 days ago
I need some advice om when my period might start because my mom started hers when she was two years younger than me. I hit puberty like a year ago and I don’t even have discharge.
Falcome (88786)
102 days ago
No problem dragonlover497 you still seem like an expert though😃😁😄
Dragonlover497 (88786)
102 days ago
Thamks falcome inam not that good though😊😀😊😊
Falcome (88786)
102 days ago
Dragonlover you seem like an expert at this thing.😄😃😅😄😅😃😆
Dragonlover497 (88786)
102 days ago
You not I sorry guys
And you guys should get the care and keepings of you and the care and keepings of you 1 it rilly helped me
Glad I could help😄😄😃
Dragonlover497 (88786)
102 days ago
Kaitlyn I think that your gonna get yours rilly soon 1-2 months and don't be embarrassed to talk to your mom remember she went through this to.kaylee I might have your period but it isn't definit you might not get it but make sure to ask your mom for some pads jest in case
Kaitlyn (62559)
103 days ago
Hey can someone please estimate me???

I’m 12 years and 4 months old in 7th grade
My mom was like 12 and 9 months old when she did
My sister got it when she was 12 and 5 months old and she was in 7th
My 💗 are triangular and they are starting to get round they are also hurt to touch
I have dark rough curly hair that is probably 3/4 full down there
I have no armpit hair
I have leg hair(I shave)
I weigh about 85 pounds
I have a lot of discharge ever single day without failure I should wear pantyliners but I’m not asking my mom for that lol
I have been spotting recently and yesterday I got a bunch of brown discharge and I thought it was my period but it hasn’t happened again since yesterday so...
I get a lot of cramps at least 4 times a week and they hurt a lot.
Could u guys estimate me?
Thx so much!!
Kaylee (62559)
103 days ago
I just got brown discharge yesterday does this mean my period is coming soon?!?!
Dragonlover497 (88786)
103 days ago
No problem Rolexi I am glad I could help
Rolexi (52658)
103 days ago
Thanks a bunch to Kaili and Dragonlover497
Flacome (88786)
103 days ago
Thanks sooooooo much guys u guys r the best😃😅😃😅😃😆😃😄
Dragonlover497 (88786)
103 days ago
Falcome I think you will get yours in about 4-5 months hope I helped
Falcome (88786)
103 days ago
Thanks sooooo much amanda