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When will I get my period?

First period quiz

When will I get my first period?

When will I get my first period?

When will you get your period?

When will I get my first period? (GIRLS ONLY)

When will you get your period?

Period test

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#?????? ( 31381 )
Posted 39 days ago
Lapis your quiz is really good also it said 3 weeks to 2 months so I'll see if it is accurate even though I am 95% sure it is
#?????? ( 31381 )
Posted 39 days ago
Thanks Girlie!!!! Finally someone helped me out with this!!
Lapis ( 60013 )
Posted 39 days ago
Hi #JJ! I'd say that you have about 2 weeks to two months left to go! You're pretty close. Also, check out my quiz called First Period Estimation Quiz.

I hope this helps!
#JJ ( 85980 )
Posted 39 days ago
And also,
l have no armpit hair
blonde leg hair
5ft tall
Please respond!
#JJ ( 85980 )
Posted 39 days ago
Hi, can anyone help?
l am 10 and 3/4
have had discharge,
have quite a bit of pubic hair,
Have had very painful cramps,
have just had a growth spurt 3 inches,
My mum/mom was 11 when she started,
get cravings 3-5 a month
l get mood swings,
like once a week,
l sweat more,
Bra size AAA/Sports bra
Growing breasts for 2+ years
Started wearing sports bras when l was 9
Most tests say 3-6 months, some 1-3 months,
Have felt VERY TIRED for 3 months,
Girlie ( 10901 )
Posted 40 days ago
Hey #????? I think any day-2 months bc after I got a weird
Headache about a week- 2 weeks after I got my first period
#????? ( 31381 )
Posted 40 days ago
Hey can someone estimate me????
I'm 12.5
I'm 5.00ft
I have head lower back cramps and regular cramps sometimes
I'm typically bloated every other night
I have heavy discharge most days and light rarely for 3.5 years
I'm a bra size A
I haven't had spotting
I have had cravings
I've had odd head aches
Full pubic hair
Blonde armpit hair
Thick leg hair
Always tired since 1 month ago
Have had stronger B.O
Have gotten worse acne
Really bad head aches and nausea
Test typically say 1 week to 3 months
Mira T ( 99537 )
Posted 41 days ago
GRH153: you sound REALLY close I'm suprised you haven't gotten it yet. Your probably any day away to 2 months maybe.
Mira T ( 99537 )
Posted 41 days ago
Hey Girls I'm new around here. I've been reading comments and wanted to join in.
GRH153 ( 59311 )
Posted 41 days ago
Hi, can someone estimate me plz
I am 12.5
I am 5ft 3
I weigh 110lbs
I've had heavy discharge for 3.5 years
Bra size 34b, breasts have been growing for 3.5 years
Full pubic hair, started growing 3.5 years ago
Full underarm hair, started growing 3 years ago, have to shave literally every day
Started getting acne about 3 months ago
Really bad cramps all the time, had them for about 3 months
Mood swings like 24/7
Need to shave legs literally everyday
Crave chocolate even though I don't really like it
Really sweaty, sweat smells horrible
Always tired
Always feel bloated or gassy
Really bad headaches, nausea, dizziness and diarrhoea
Grown 3 inches in 6 months
Bad B.O
Tender breasts all the time
Lower back pain

Tests say now-3 months
Girlie ( 10901 )
Posted 41 days ago
Yeah it all depends😂Bloating is where you contain extra
Fluid in your abdomen and it feels like kinda puffy😂
megan ( 97100 )
Posted 41 days ago
The first quiz on this page isn't said about a year or + for my friend but she got it a year ago!!!!
lovely ( 59711 )
Posted 41 days ago
Can anyone explain what bloating is ...I know that it's a symptom but what is it?
lovely ( 59711 )
Posted 41 days ago
Thanks girlie but I know a girl last year she was in our class thanks god she had a jacket that day it wasn't that bad but it was don't forget pads anyway
Girlie ( 77191 )
Posted 42 days ago
Hey Claire I had discharge for almost 4 years before I got my
Period so no worries and I felt bloated like 3 weeks or so
Before my period btw I got my first period 4 days ago:)also if
Your nervous just think that most people don't have heavy first
Period like mine was only a few blood spots each day!
lovely ( 55306 )
Posted 42 days ago
Allie...which quiz isn't accurate?
lovely ( 33491 )
Posted 42 days ago
Claire...bloating is a symptom,and Alex make an average with the different results cz these quizzes are for when to deal with pad so yeah
Alex ( 53364 )
Posted 43 days ago
I haven't had my period yet I'm 11 my mom got it when she was 13 I have had cramps and takin almost every qiuz and they all give way different answers
Claire ( 04941 )
Posted 43 days ago
How long have u all had discharge for? I've had it for 3 years...and does anyone know if being bloated is a "symptom" because I've been feeling bloated a few times a week and it started two weeks ago 🤔
Girlie ( 10901 )
Posted 43 days ago
It's says mines right around the corner😂So it's pretty accurate
If you want me to I'll estimate u on what I think