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When will you get your period?

When is your first period?

First Period Quiz!

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How long until you get your first period?

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When will I get my first period quiz!

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Ana (52467)
109 days ago
Discharge for almost TWO YEARS (liners dailyy) (scares me the most)
triangle breasts?
dark pubic hair
very light hair on legs and arms
barely any hairs in armpits
around 2 1/2 yrs ago i got really bad “cramps” but nothing since then
I’ve grown a bit too, not the tallest kid tho.

Can someone tell me how long until I get my period??
Knowme (98638)
110 days ago
Sorry falcon but you have to talk
to your mum otherwise your stuffed, you may have to move to antarctica
Falcome (37353)
111 days ago
Burgandy (42126)
111 days ago
I see a some girls say they have brown discharge and I just wanted to ask the girls that did start their period did you have brown dishcharge. I looked online I just need a final answer. Thx
Falcome (37353)
112 days ago
Send not sent sorry about that
Falcome (37353)
112 days ago
Someone please help! At least I don't have my period yet. But when I get it it's gonna be a disaster. Sent advice😓
Burgandy (42126)
112 days ago
Omg are you kidding me
Falcome (37353)
113 days ago
Help me my mom says that when I get my period she is gonna throw me a big party and invite my crush and his brothers.
I am gonna die
Grace (64470)
115 days ago
Thankyou Very much Cece
Rachael Bricker (95231)
115 days ago
I'm having cramps can someone help
Cece (65016)
115 days ago
Hello grace! I think you have about 5-8 months!! Good luck
Grace (64470)
116 days ago
Also I am 12 years old
Grace (64470)
116 days ago
Hey guys, can someone estimate me plz

I fit into a 30a cup
Had discharge for a year
Recently had quite bad cramps but for only about 5mins
Weight is about 40kg

Anna (61592)
116 days ago
Today in my underwear there was a bit of a brownish red kinda colour, just a dot, looks kind of like a drop of blood, is this spotting? And if it is how long until I start my period?? Can someone help me? x
Driksy (42826)
116 days ago
Hay i did got my periodbut sometimes my discharge chage color in a brow its lot plss help meee
milly (50087)
117 days ago
i’ve got lots of discharge recently and it’s more than usual. i’ve taken lots of these test/quizzes and they all say 1-4months. all my friends have theirs and i’m just sat here waiting 🙄x
Knowme (98638)
118 days ago
Hey everyone, I think that I got my period but I'm not sure because I got brownish relish (more on the brown side) discharge, I've read up on it and apparently its the start of my period and its just old blood thats why its brown cuz it took awhile so I just want to make sure
Cece (65016)
120 days ago
Hey Shannon congrats. About how old are u and what size are your breaths and how long have u been getting discharge. Just wondering so maybe I’ll get it soon!
Shannon (19328)
123 days ago
Hey guyssss
I got my period on the 6th of November so about a week and a few days ago now, and I have a ton of pads and liners heat packs advil you know the usual, I use liners for non period days since I have ALOT Of discharge it saves alot of dirty undies Hope this helps
Kat (45851)
123 days ago
I have the same problem as u @cece
Well idk if it’s a problem
Does anyone know 😂?