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When will you get your period?

ACCURATE 1st period test

First Period Quiz!

When is your first period?

Period Test, the 100% True and 100% Helpful Quiz for you

How long until you get your first period?

When will I get my first period quiz!

When will you get your first period?

When will you get your first period?

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Katie 💜 (52355)
135 days ago
Congrats cece!!! And hey Helen! I think u have plenty of time to get ready for ur period. Probably 6+ months or so. Good luck girlie 😊❤️ xoxo 💕
Helen (96520)
135 days ago
Hey! Could you estimate me?
I have two older sister and my mom and we are all somewhat small, I am on about 65 pounds but I turn 13 in March. I have had discharge for about a month and am starting to grow hair “Down there” no armpit hair and my leg hair isn’t quite at the shaving point yet (I also have blonde hair)

Thanks! 💘💘💘
Cece (65016)
135 days ago
Hey katie I took ur quiz. I got 4-7 months !!
Katie 💜 (52355)
135 days ago
Hey guys!!! Ik I already told u about my period quiz but im doing a little "ad" lol. It would mean the world to me if u would comment ur feedback and vote for my quiz once u have taken it! I rly need it 😊❤️ Thx so much guys!! xoxo 💕
Katie 💜 (38154)
135 days ago
OMG!! Guys my quiz is finally up!! 😁☺️ Pls go ahead and give it a try! It didn't recognize the emoji so it says my name as Katie ???. I hope i all like it 😊 xoxo 💕 Also my number is different bc I'm a Taurus school using their wifi
Knowme (08084)
136 days ago
Cece I took your quiz and It said 1 - 3 months :0
Katie 💜 (52355)
136 days ago
Not I just saw ur quiz cece!!! Good job girlie ☺️😘 And thx for that! I'll wait one more day 😅 xoxo 💕
Cece (65016)
136 days ago
Hey katie. Mine took about 2 days to come
Up. As you can see I actually have a period quiz up now!
Just let it wait katie it will com
Katie 💜 (52355)
136 days ago
Hey cece! It still isn't showing up 😪 Not sure what do to. Do they let me know at all when they will put it up! Pls help 😂😅 xoxo 💕
Cece (48288)
136 days ago
Yay Katie. I think they take like a day to come on the sight go!
Katie 💜 (52355)
136 days ago
Hey guys! I have some rly great news... I MADE MY PERIOD QUIZ!! 😁☺️ Though when I finished the quiz, it said my request has been sent for my quiz. Does anyone know if that means they have to approve my quiz before they release it? Pls tell me if u know!! 🙂😁 xoxo 💕
Katie 💜 (52355)
136 days ago
Rowan Elizabeth: Probably in about 2+ months or so. Wear panty liners for the discharge!! 😘☺️ xoxo 💕
Rowan Elizabeth (72695)
136 days ago
Can you estimate me please?
Sore AA-A cup 💗
12 going on 13
My mum was 10-11
Lots of hair (there)
Some armpit hair
Loadddddddssssss of leg and arm hair (I shave daily)
Discharge for 8-9 months
Some acne
85 pounds

Katie 💜 (52355)
136 days ago
Kaylee: 3+ months or so 🐬🌸
Kayla: 3+ months also 🐰🌼
Remember to start wearing panty liners if u get discharge or it starts to get worse. Good luck!! ☺️❤️ xoxo 💕
Kayla (46981)
137 days ago
Hey! Please estimate me:
Loads of black pubic hair
Just hit a growth spert about 3 inches
82 pounds
13 years old
Breasts are tender a lot
Leg hair
No armpit hair
A little acne, white heads and some pink ones
Cramps every few days almost all day
Discharge 4 or 5 days a week
Please Estimate me that would be great!
Kaylee (64200)
137 days ago
Hi Katie💜

Could you estimate me?

My breasts are kind of triangular
I have lots of hair down there
no armpit hair
Leg hair(I shave)
Discharge for 5 or 6 months
I am 85 pounds
I am 12 years old
My mom was the same age as I am
I get cramps a few times a week
I had a growth spurt of about 3 inches recently
My breasts get sore and tender at times
I have spotted a few times with pinkish dots smaller than
The tip of a needle
I hope you can estimate me it would mean a lot!!
Katie 💜 (52355)
137 days ago
Hey Candice! A few signs that tell u that u might be closer to ur period MAY include
- Spotting
- cramps below belly button
- major cravings, etc.
And I'm not sure about thebdischarge thing. U could search it up but everyone is different. Hope this helped 😘😊 xoxo 💕
Candice (47253)
137 days ago
And also wha is the average girls discharge like before her first period. xx
Candice (28888)
137 days ago
thank you katie
do you think you could tell me a few of the signs for when im closer to my period
Katie 💜 (52355)
137 days ago
Hey Candice! U should get ur period in maybe 3+ mo this or so for ur period. Good luck 😘😊 xoxo 💕