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How long until you get your first period?

First Period Quiz (Do it if you want to know!)

First Period Quiz

First Period ????????????

When will you get your first period?

When will you get your first period?

Girl period test ???????????

When will I get my first period?

When will I get my first period?

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Annie (35852)
58 days ago
Some of my friends said that they had discharge for 2 years before getting their period. I got mine a few moths ago and I’ve never gottendischarge this normal? Should I be concerned for my health?
Katie 💜 (52355)
63 days ago
Hey yourgo!! U don't have many sign s of getting ur period so I think u have quite a while to get it!! Enjoy it while it lasts!! 😬😂♥️ xoxo 💕
Pizza (70793)
63 days ago
I just got a small pinky-orange dot in my underwear. It was about 1/2 a cetemeter in diameter. What is it?
yourgo (39078)
63 days ago
I'm almost 13
discharge: yes but I'm not sure when I got it but its either of these 3, 9 months, 2 years or 3 months
pubic hair: yes a medium amount
armpit hair:yes a lil' bit
leg hair and arm hair: not long like a teen boys leg but yes
I don't wear a bra but bra size calculates say I'm a 30A
No spotting, No craving, No cramps, No headaches and no mood swings.
I've had bloated once but I guess it was from the food I ate
and I have been sleepy 2 weeks ago,not that much anymore
backaches WERE every 2-3 weeks a looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooot veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeery slight one. but I haven't got it for a month now.
I'm a lil bit
Howday (07626)
63 days ago
Hey confused
I get the same thing and I think it's from jeans and jean material, because I mostly only get it when I'm wearing that
Girlie (10901)
64 days ago
Ya confused I think it may just be like lent from your
Underwear bc I couldn't find any thing about that
Girlie (10901)
65 days ago
Confused-It's not spotting then bc spotting doesn't happen
Or last that long...I'll try to do some research to find out for you!:)
Confused (94065)
65 days ago
Pretty much every other day for 6 months
Dragonlover497 (35639)
66 days ago
Thanks a ton Katie you rock
Girlie (10901)
66 days ago
Was it like solid for 6 months or like a few days a month in
Like a span of 6 months?
Girlie (10901)
66 days ago
Hey confused-it prob isn't bc my spotting was like 1/4 an inch
Like reddish brownish dots and then it got a littleeee heavier
Like half an inch the second day then my second one was
Like real😂But it may be but I don't think so but stay aware
So Confused (94065)
66 days ago
Girlie or Katie, or even just some random person, please help me.

So I have had these things in my discharge that look like lint for the last 6 months (I started getting discharge 1 year and a 1/2 ago), and I was pretty sure it was just lint. But in one of the recent quizzes (I forget which one) it describe spotting as 'things that look like lint' and now I'm very confused. The stuff in my underwear is usually either black or brownish, but is that what spotting looks like.

Katie 💜 (38154)
67 days ago
Girlie, lol Same 😂😂 I never know anyone my age. Most of them are 12 or 13 😂
xoxo 💕
Girlie (10901)
67 days ago
@Katie a teenager😂
>•< Phan >• (94065)
68 days ago
One question-
Why are all of the answers of 'I don't have _____' either "EWW NO I DONT HAVE _____" or "Ew what is that?". Honestly people. I don't know why this bugs me so much, (I never have those answers), but just please stop.

Phan >•
Katie 💜 (52355)
68 days ago
Also girlie how old are u?? U seem to know quite a bit about periods like I do! 😊
Katie 💜 (52355)
68 days ago
Hey dragon lover!! So I'll estimate u but if anyone has any other estimates or questions pls follow the instructions below bc I don't want to go back and forth from quiz to quiz. Thx!! 😘 So it looks looks like u have a bit till u
get ur period maybe 3+ months or so. But always wear panty liners for the discharge!!! Hope this helped 😊😘 xoxo 💕
Dragonlover497 (11293)
68 days ago
Thanks Katie pleas estamate me
Katie 💜 (52355)
69 days ago
Hey guys!! My names Katie!! I'm 14 and have been estimating a lot of people on another period quiz!! If u guys want estimates or anything, just type into ur search bar when will i get my first period and scroll down a bit and u will find an allthetest quiz by the same name. The person who made it name is Lauren. Come down there and u will see me and other people!! See ya there!!! I check back daily too!!😘 xoxo 💕
Love (89996)
69 days ago
I have brown discharge to for 6 month now
What does that mean?
I am 12 btw