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How long until you get your first period?

First Period Quiz (Do it if you want to know!)

First Period Quiz

When will you get your first period?

When will you get your first period?

First Period ????????????

ACCURATE 1st period test

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Kaylee (62559)
13 days ago
I just got brown discharge yesterday does this mean my period is coming soon?!?!
Dragonlover497 (88786)
13 days ago
No problem Rolexi I am glad I could help
Rolexi (52658)
13 days ago
Thanks a bunch to Kaili and Dragonlover497
Flacome (88786)
13 days ago
Thanks sooooooo much guys u guys r the best😃😅😃😅😃😆😃😄
Dragonlover497 (88786)
13 days ago
Falcome I think you will get yours in about 4-5 months hope I helped
Falcome (88786)
13 days ago
Thanks sooooo much amanda
Amanda💘 (64200)
13 days ago
Hey falcome! Is haven’t got my period either but I’d say maybe 3-5 months good luck!
Falcome (88786)
13 days ago
Can someone estamate me please
2/4 vigana hair
1/4 armpit hair discharge for 1+ and its been light but the last month it's been heavier then normal not super heavy though
Breast are starting to round out of a point
I way 90-115 pounds I dont get eny cramps or mood swings cravings jest a little
My mom get hers when she was 13 I am 12
If there's anything else you need to know please tell me and I will answer right away

Thanks Soo much😃😃😄😅😆😄
Dragonlover497 (88786)
13 days ago
Crystal be glad your don't have your period it SUCKS😫
Anna (60155)
14 days ago
It’s not fun, it hurts there’s a lot of blood it’s messy you feel ugly, your sensitive, your 💗 hurt, you cry at anything, you yell at everyone, you just wanna eat everything, you feel so insecure and blood is just everywhere it gross, you feel like your gonna leak, and are conscious that you have and have to check all the time and sometimes you do leak and panic, and don’t even get me started on sneezing...
Crystal (64494)
14 days ago
I’m that one lonely pre teen who hasn’t gotten their period yet.. 😕 anyone care to enlighten me on why I should be glad I don’t have it?
Falcome (88786)
14 days ago
Thanks. Sooooooooooooooooooooo much dragonlover497 I owe you a million😌😌
Dragonlover497 (88786)
14 days ago
Falcome I don't know what to do or say many you should tell your mom not to invite your crush but she might still do it if it dose come time for that party jest wing it and act like your having a blast then your mom will feel like it was for nothing because she jest wants to embarrass you.
Good luck🙂
Falcome (88786)
14 days ago
Enbody have eny thing to help me 😭😓😦😥😢
Dragonlover497 (88786)
14 days ago
I am glad I could help panda and Rolexi I agree with kaili I say 2-5 months
I hope I helped
Kaili (70774)
14 days ago
Rolexi I think about 3-6 months hope I helped💋
Rolexi (52658)
15 days ago
Hello! Could someone please estimate me?
I am 13 years old
My mom got here at 16
My sister got hers at 14
I weigh 101 lbs
I started puberty when I was 11
I wear a 32a cup
My 💗 are triangular
My 💗 started growing 2 1/2 years ago
They hurt 3-4 times a week
I started getting discharge almost 1 year ago
It's white and creamy
I should wear panty lines because it's a lot but I don't
I get mood swings everyday
I have cravings everyday
I'm hungry ALL THE TIME
I have some darkening but kind of wispy armpit hair which started growing 1 1/2 ago
My pubic hair is very rough, curly and very dark but it's not very full, maybe 35 percent full
It started growing almost 2 years ago
My leg hair started growing 3 years ago
It's not rough but it's dark and very long
I have not had spotting
I get cramps maybe 2-3 times a month but they're not bad or painful
I occasionally get back pains
I've grown 5 inches these past 9 months
My doctor said I will definitely get my period in 6 months or less but I had told her i started wearing a bra 1 year and a half ago when I meant 2 years, whoops.
I get a few pimples a month but I don't have bad acne
I have been on twilight school sports teams this year including the one I'm doing right now.
I hope this is enough info! Thank you so much!!!
Panda (70774)
15 days ago
Thanks Dragonlover
Dragonlover (88786)
15 days ago
Panda I think you will get your period will soon and ana my gess is a couple of months sense you don't have cramps eny more but it could happen eny time so both of you make sure you are ready.
Falcome (88786)
16 days ago
I am so scrood I already talked to my mom