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When will you get your period?

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When will I get my first period quiz!

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Send help (18660)
15 days ago
I’m 11 and I have a lot of signs and ik I’m gonna get like this month or next month because I have ALL the signs anyways I started discharge maybe 3 months ago I got a fair amount EVERY DAY not too much but not too little but yesterday I had the feeling that I got my period because I was in class and it felt like I was getting endless discharge it felt soo thick and I could just feel it so much but later when I went to the bathroom I found nothing on my underwear NOTHING but I felt like I was getting discharge today the exact same thing happened does anyone know what that means if u do plssss help me cuz I searched it up and found nothing
Anna (46720)
16 days ago
I just need help with every thing. I now nothing
Kyra (88783)
16 days ago
I'm about to see when I start my period I hope it is not soon
Isabella (23946)
16 days ago
Can you estimate me please?

Breasts: Almost size of base ball
Discharge: YEP for about 10 months
Pubic hair: YEP (thick) (long)
Armpit hair: none
Sweat: I sweat really only in my pits and when I do it’s usually a regular load
Growth: I’m 4’11 and I grew 3 inches in about 4-6 months
Bras: 32B
Leg hair: I’ve always been hairy on my legs lol
Mood swings: OH YEA😂
Cravings: whenever I see people eating something I want it really bad
Cramps: I get them when I run but if it’s out of nowhere it’s either in my lower stomach or sides

My mom was 11 when she had hers
Maia❤️ (38604)
17 days ago
Plz estimate!

Breasts:none, only nipple buds
Pubic hair: LOADS, thick and curly
Underarm hair: none
Sweat:quite a lot
Growth spurt: 3cm in one month
Bras:sport bras
Leg hair: quite a lot, getting thicker over time

Mum was 15

Plz estimate! Thx x
Anna (39766)
18 days ago
Can you estimate me
Age : 12
Mood Swings : Everyday
💗 : 34b grown since age 9
Discharge : Have a lot (wear pantilineers) has it for about 1 year
Pubic hair : Full and Bushy
Underarm hair : few brown hairs
Leg hair : moderate brown hairs
Sweat : somewhat bad
Cravings : A lot
Bloating : most days
Cramps : only really on one side ( last month was on right side this month left side) have had some bad cramps tho for about the last 2 weeks
Spots : not really
Same age as mum when she had it
Sophie (61951)
18 days ago
Btw I am woooooop I just made a mistake
Daisy (37532)
19 days ago
@Wooooooooooop. I would say within 2 months definitely. Probably about one month. If your nipple is quite developed maybe less
Daisy (37532)
19 days ago
If you estimate me I’ll estimate you

💗: smallish. I have to wear a padded bra because otherwise you. Can see my nipple. My nipple it very soft but also very pointy. I wear a 34A bra. Nipples have been SUPER tender recently (past few days).

Hair: I have thin small blond hairs under my arms. I swear ALOT. Like an insane amount and it smells really bad so I have to wear deodorant. My hair on my legs is moderate, i shave every few weeks. My pubic hair is about one inch long and is thick and black, becoming curly.

Discharge: ALOT. I’ve had it at least 3 months now, I think 4.5 though, not quite sure. Recently (past week or so) my discharge has became SUPER thick. It is mostly white and went through a period of being brown. I get like 2 tablespoons most days. It smells really bad and I wear panty liners

Bloating: been happening ALOT. Especially when I drink gen a little water

Mood swings: yes sometimes. If I have them they are usually really intense. I get them like every week or so. The one I got this week caused me to cry for no reason.

Cravings: OMG YES. I have been craving cupcakes and Chinese’s food

Cramps: almost everyday but it might be gas.

Estimate: my mom thinks I’ll get it when I turn 13 (abit less than 2 months). Most quizzes say between 1-4 months. My mom was about 5 months younger when she got hers.

Weight gain: yes gained like 30 lbs in past 5 or so months.
Lizzie (40793)
19 days ago
Plz estimate
Lots of PMS mood swings medium breasts age:11 8/10 discharge cravings: alot height:5"1 weight:106 very sweaty even when I'm not doing anything
Veri (70047)
20 days ago
@Alorah my guess is in 6 months are so
Noper (51290)
20 days ago
Actually I spotted once btw
Noper (51290)
20 days ago
Could someone plz estimate
Helper (20244)
21 days ago
That was for Alorah:)
Helper (20244)
21 days ago
I’d say a year or two away. A lot of girls ur age like to have boyfriends just to have boyfriends (not to be rude-not referring to u) or they want them to seem cool or popular but I could come before that. Pls hang onto being a child being a women sucks and just don’t try to grow up so fast k
Noper (51290)
21 days ago
(Sorry I have mood swings i'm kinda over exadrating)
Alorah (52224)
21 days ago
Please estimate
Small breasts
Sports bra
Medium amount of discharge
Lots of pubic hair
Small blonde armpit hair
Major!!!! PMS
10years old
Have a boyfriend 😘😍 😄
Please estimate
Sophie (61951)
21 days ago
Oh that was me my bad I've already put my information here😬😬😬😬
Wooooooooooop! (61951)
21 days ago

Pubic hair: yeah like a medium amount, like a nest amount
age: 10
Armpit hair: I few small light brown hairs
Mood swings: um idk
Stomach cramps: I've had them everyday for almost 2 weeks, but I've had them since the beginning of January
Back cramps: started this week, not too bad
Bloating: rarely 0-4 times a week
Cravings: often
Discharge: yurp quite a bit 6.5/10, for 2-3 years
Sweat: even when I'm not active 😂, sooooooo smelly
💗: since grade 2 or so (I'm in grade 5), rounding out, maybe I could fit a 32a or so, idk
Height: 4'10
Weight: 102-105 lbs
Helper (20244)
21 days ago
@Hailei I’d say in a couple months😁 don’t worry just hang onto being a child a little longer