Metallica Knowledge
Cricket Test
How much of a Damn Karma fan are you?
Just how well do you know J.R.R. Tolkien's Lord of the Rings?
Do you know your Disney characters?
Who are You?
Where in Spira would you like to live? (Final fantasy X-2)
Spongebob Squarepants Quiz
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Lord of the rings, who are you?
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How much do YOU know about Billy Boyd?
How Obsessed With Evanescence Are You?
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The BOOK- Test
Havoc Century Quiz!
What Breed of Sheep Are You?
How well do you know Johnny?
Are you still a kid?
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Which Disney princess are you?
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What's Your Personality?
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Horses-Catching and Leading
How well do you know the "Daughters of the Moon" book series?
What kind of Fairy Tale Creature are You?
Buffy - the love test: Here come the ladies!
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What is your personality?
What would you be?
Buffy - the love test!
Starting A Savings Program
How Much Do YOU Know about Alcohol?
Ultimate quiz
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The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen
Anime and Japanese video game quiz, definitely designed for the elite!
How smart are YOU?
What Kind of Christian are you?
Ewan McGregor
About VoIP
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Who are you in Quahog?
Are You a Final Fantasy X and X-2 Genius?
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Which character from "Romy and Michelle's High School Reunion" are you?
What Mythical Creature Are You?
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Cruising in Vice City!
Which Cybor-Kid are you?
Are you a "BEST FRIEND"?
He's Still Friends With His Ex, Should You Worry?
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Which type of goth are you?
Which Survivor All Star are you?
What is your alternate goth/vampire name?
Which Greek Goddess Are You?
Potato Fate
What kind of Pokemon strategy do you use?
What elf are you?
Leap of Faith
Superman Movies
How well do you know Jason Isaacs?
How well do you know Dragonball Z?
Find out your knowledge of LOTR here!
Do You Always Pick the Weirdest Answer?
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Which Tolkien elf are you?
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How Smart Are You Really?
Should you be in the Mob?
Which Famous movie are you?
The Simpsons! Do you know the facts?
Goth or Not
How good are you at picking up signals from potentials in 5 mins?
How well do you know Hilary Duff?
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Grocery Store Paranoia Quiz
Simple Plan
Do you have what it takes to be a physicist?
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What game are you?
Which 'Usual Suspect' are you?
What kind of cat are you?
Are you obsessed with Ashton?
Are you a Cat or a Dog?
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Music Theory
The BEST EVER Pirates of the Caribbean quiz!
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Is your blanket out to get you?
Are You A True Band Nerd!
Are you completely immoral?
How Calhoun On Tour Are You?: 30th Anniversary Edition
How much do you know about making a powerpoint animation?
Do you know Pantera?
Oregon Fever
The Ring
Oregon Fever II
Which Disney's Hunchback of Notre Dame Character are you?
Are You A Good Care Bear?
The Hardest Order Of The Phoenix Quiz Ever!
Classic Rock
Are You A Possessed Chicken?
The Okapi
The Last Homely Herald's Lore Quiz!
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Which X-men are you?
How well do you know punk rawk?
History of Middle Earth(based on the books) and the writing of the books
What kind of god are you?
Are You Obsessed With Elwood?
YoU A PrEp?
Are you a blonde at heart?
Cat Obsession
Do You Know Musicals?
The Hobbit / LotR / The Silmarillion
Simple Plan Fan Quiz!
How much do you really know about Full House?
The Lord of the Rings Cast Quiz
San Antonio Spurs
Johnny Knoxville Quiz
You think you know the Lord of the Rings?
Are You Obsessed With Bagels?
How well do you know WW2?
How much do you think you know about the Lord of the Rings?
Which Character from Mervyn Peake's Gormenghast Trilogy are You?
Resident Evil Quiz 2 (harder)
What is your ideal day out?
What time of day are you?
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
How Old is Your Inner Child?
How sexy are you?
Calvinist/Arminian Test
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Films, films, films!
Entrepreneur Quiz
Raven YAY
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How well do you know The Beatles?
Resident Evil (The Movie)
How well do you know SpongeBob?
What color suits you best?
Scottish History
Are you Peter Pan/Jeremy Sumpter/Rachel Hurd-Wood obsessed?
Edward Scissorhands
What you never knew, but should know about polar bears.
Lord of the Rings: Tolkien's Masterpiece
What kind of monkey are you?
The FRIENDS Fanatic Test!
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The Quiz
What type of dessert are you?
Does He Like You?
That 70's Show Awesome Super-Duper Quiz
What comic are you?
Good Charlotte quiz!
Patience Is A Virtue...Really?
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Good Charlotte Quiz
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History of middle earth
Crazy facts that are unbelievable!
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What kind of donut are you?
Find Your Hottest Summer Fling
Are you American?
Are you "friendly"?
Degrassi Begin of Third Season Quiz
Which Kind of Music Are You?
Finding the true you
How much common sense do you have?
Do you know the Lyrics of all Linkin Park songs?
Linkin Park Quiz
David Beckham
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Are You an Individual?
What female name fits your personality?
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How NYU are you?
Do you know your goats?
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Do you have an attention problem?
Which American Idol Judge are you?
What kind of STRIPPER would you WANT the most?
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Friend or Partner?
Spanish Quiz for People in Spanish One or Two
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Lizzie McGuire
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What Marching Band Section Do You Fit Into Best?
! The Grand Tour Quiz!
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