The Party Test
Are you tortured by inner demons?
The Pirate Quiz
Do you know as much about music as Matt?
Are you a Zoids freak?
How Sweet is your boyfriend?
What stupid kids' TV show are you?
Spongebob Quiz
The Maurader's Quiz
How Much Do You Know About Rap Star Nelly?
What breed are you?
Golden Sun and Golden Sun 2 Quiz
Dragon Ball Z trivia quiz
GS/GS2 Adept Type quiz
Are you a leader or a follower?
Which celebrity is your perfect date?
What Icecream Flavor Are You?
How much do you know about the celtic gods and goddes´s?
Harry Potter extra long Quiz
Which Hobbit should you date?
Which Friend Are You?
Are You Obsessed With Your Boyfriend/Girlfriend/Crush?
How well do you know "Bring it on?"
The Quiz 2
Hardly Thinking IQ Test
What Chocolate Bar are You?
Which Dysfunctional Daiben are You?
Sorting Hat
Do you have more Inner or Outer Beauty?!?
Are you a true punk/member of the thing we call diversity?
Are you in high fashion?
How well do you know wrestling?
Are You a Ferret?
What kind of guy is good for you?
In Depth FF VIII Quiz
Which BioPsyche Character are You Most Like?
Is the FBI after you?
Are You Obsessed With Lindsay Lohan?
FFVIII Personality Quiz
Are you a troublemaker?
What member of the Cars do you mostly identify with?
Jenna's Music trivia
How well do you know Daniel Radcliffe?
Are You A Party Animal?
Who are you most compatible with?
Which Pink Lady are you?
Are you Obsessed with Orlando Bloom?
How good are you with your basic Japanese?
Who should I vote for?
Brett Lee
What animal are you?
Non nerd test
Which Teletubby Are You?
Stanley Kubrick Quiz
What ancient warrior are you?
Which Harry Potter Marauder Are You?
Do you have a good chance of being a vampire?
An animal quiz 4 animads!
Blink 182 Rocks Quiz
Girls Rock! Quiz 1
Girls Rock! Quiz 2
Girls Rock ! Quiz 3
Are you a complete Psycho?
What form of government execution are you?
Which Male Singer are you best suited for?
Which Final Fantasy Summon Are You?
Which D&D Role Are You?
The Thermidor 2 Quiz!
The Ewan McGregor Obession Test
Which Degrassi Character are YOU?
The Keanu Reeves Test
Do you know your Monty Python trivia?
Which God are you?
What kind of underwear are you?
Movies in the 80's
The Griffin Children Quiz!
Jellicle Quotes
Lizzie McGuire Quiz
Math Test for Kids
What will you be When you Grow Up?
Are you in danger of being Strawberry Shortcake?
The psychotic retard test
The Ultimate Insanity test... this time new and improved
What Type Of Dog Are You?
Remembering the 80s
Three's Company too!
The 80s Hair Band and Punk quiz!
Is the pizza delivery guy secretly plotting your demise?
The Three's Company Personality Test!
Are you Weird?
The Lupin the Third Personality test!
The Bad Mathematics Quiz
Which Pac Man Ghost are you?
Are you lazy?
Are you addicted to online tests?
Advanced Dungeons &Dragons Quiz
Harry Potter 5 - The Order of Phoenix
Short U.S. Cities Quiz
Which Female Solo Star Could You Be?
Ryou Bakura Quiz
What type are you most like?
How well do you know Good Charlotte?
Which Winnie The Pooh Character Are You?
Who's Your Twin Personality Pop-Star?
Which Inner Senshi are you?
Do you know Spongebob?
Chrono Trigger Quiz
Let's go back to 1980!
Sonic The Hedgehog Comic Book Quiz
Sorting of the Students
Sorting Ceremony
Your Hair Personality
How much do you know about Even Stevens?
How Stupid Are You?
Rurouni Kenshin
How to tell if you have "musicians disorder"?
Which Harry Potter Character Are You?
Are You Shallow?
Hey Arnold! Quiz!
Sirius Black
The Sonic new millennium Quiz
What is your naming style?
Girl Quiz
Are you geeky?
Into the woods then out of the woods! And home before dark!
Golden Sun: The Lost Age quiz
How Pure Are *you*?
How Much Do You Remember?
Daily Life Quiz
Are you a Kinky Partner?
Are you controlled by a demon?
Which farm animal are you?
How well do YOU know the boys from the Ronin Warriors?
Which school crowd do you fit in?
How Well Do I Know Spongebob?
Lizzie Mcguire Quiz
How Well Do You Know About Leonardo DiCaprio?
Do you know what Norway is?
The Ultimate Marilyn Manson Quiz
How are you on the love train?
Are you obsessed with your hair?
How well do you know your dogs?
Spanish Quiz
Are you a pure Angel or a nasty evil Devil?
Hungarian Vocabulary Test
What kind of EXOTIC FOOD are you?
Are You A Psychotic Killer?
LOTR (beginners)
Are you a GEEK?
What Shape Are You?
A study in Fëanor
How much do you know about the teen hearthrob BOW WOW?
The Sorting Hat Quiz
Mary Poppins
What Kind of Person Are You? *~Anime Style~*
Sailor Moon Quiz
Do you feel good about yourself?
Which Disney character are you most like?
Which Lord of the Rings elf are you?
Are you a league expert?
The Gilmore Girls IQ Test
The Hardest Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets test ever!
What type of dog are you?
How much do you know about Nancy Drew books?
hOw muCh dO you kNow AvRil LaVigne?
A.F.I lyric
Golden Sun Quiz 1
Decorating Purity test
Which celebrity is your perfect date?
Spongebob Quiz
What sort of Beach-Babe are you?
What Goddess Are You?
How to tell if your a smurf or not?
Sum41 rules.. how much do you know about them?
Which series of books would you like most?
How well do you know Pierce Brosnan?
Hellsing Quiz
A study in Turin Turambar
How do you play softball?
Have you lost your mind?
Hey Arnold Quiz!
An Actual Punk Quiz
The Final Fantasy 7 Quiz!
"Do You Have A True Love?"
How bad are you?
Ultimate baseball quiz
How Much Do You Know About Simple Plan?
Are you a flirt?
Trigun Quiz
How well do you know, Charmed?
Pro. wrestling quiz
Harry Potter
Tyler's IQ Test
What color is your Aura?
The Inuyasha Quiz
The Daveigh Chase Quiz
How well do you really know Disney Channel's Original Series, Boy Meets World?
If you like Full House come here...
Are you a Mac Geek?
How Similar to Severus Snape Are You?
The Ultimate Harry Potter Book Collection Quiz
Are You A Rocker?
The Lizzie McGuire Movie Quiz
What kind of kiss are you?
Which anime girl are you?
Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring
The Toughest Harry Potter Book 5 Quiz Ever!
Rate your Hippie level
How Charmed are you?
Ozzy Osbourne Song Quiz
Are You A Digimon Tamer Master?
HP-Order of the Phoenix Quiz
Which Endless sibling are you?
Do you know everything about 8 Mile?
What Dwelling Are You
Does everyone hate you because you're a jackass?
How well do YOU know Lord of the Rings?
Are you a true Ozzy Osbourne fan?
Which character from the movie "SCREAM" are you?
Are you a "Coffee Freak"?
The Knowledge Test
Which Sailor Soldier are you?
Yu Yu Hakusho
Are you an RPG Maker Wiz?
Joe Greens FF7 wonderquiz 2
The Video Game Quiz
The HARDEST EVER Harry Potter and the Order of the Pheonix quiz
Sophies world
Animal Abuse Test
Which DDR Song Are You?
All About Eminem
What kind of man could be the one for you?
Order of the Phoenix Test
I.Q. Test
Extra Long Harry Potter Quiz
10 Things I Hate About You
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
What Kind of Citizen Are You?
Are the birds trying to kill you?
How much do you know Harry Potter?
F1 Driver Love Match
How much do you know about "The Invisible Man"?
Which Knight of the Round Table Are You? (Python-style)
Are you a good kisser?
Hilary Fan Quiz
Do You Want Your Ex Back?
Joe Greens FF7 wonder quiz
The Chronicles of Amber - a tricky quiz about Roger Zelazny's Fantasy Masterwork