How much do you know about Lord of the Rings?
Reservoir Dogs Test
Tribes AA Knowledge
What does HE think of you?
How much of a band dork are you?
What Band Instrument Are You?
Harry Potter Biggest Fan Quiz
What Disney Princess Are You Most Like?
How well do you know washroom etiquette?
Which Type Shoe Are You?
Which Fashion Icon Are You Most Like?
Which Princess Are You?
Bichon Frise Quiz
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Which Aq girl are you?
Are You Meant to Be?
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Interview with a vampire
Integumentary System
What on Middle-Earth are they talking about?!
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Guys: How smooth are you?
World War One History
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What planet are you from?
Are you really a Sailor Moon Fan?
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How much are YOU into the Cthulu Mythos?
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Which Lord of the Rings character are YOU?
Find out what Lord of the Rings fellowship race you belong to!
Which actress of the Golden Age of Hollywood are you?
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Halloween test
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What RPG would you be most likely to play?
Do you really know Will Young?
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Lord of the Rings (Easy Version 1.0)
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Have you?
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Which natural element are you?
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What kind of animal are you?
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Middle-earth, how well do you really know it?
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Test your knowledge in Quantum Physics!
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Lord of the Rings knowledge test
What's your style?
Which Dragon Knights officer are you?
Are You A Not By Choice Fan?
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Are You LAZY? (Hopefully not too lazy to do this test)
Which LOTR character should you date?
Lord of the Rings Test
Who is your Fellowship fella?
LOTR Character Quiz
What Kind of Candy are You?
What Lord of the Rings race are you?
How Well Do You Know Sum 41?
How well do you know your HO3 4-91 Homeowner's Policy?
Which Character of The Erin Series are you?
Your Sexual Habits
Song Lyrics from The Cranberries
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What's your inner self and your future?
Which Sailor Scout Are You?
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Blue Seed Quiz!
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A to Z Mysteries Quiz for the competitors
What's your personality?
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What Animal Would YOU love to Milk?
Are you a Fish?
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Is he being a good boyfriend?
Are you a prostitute/pimp?
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What Cadbury's Chocolate Are You?
Which lush lad is for you?
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