What Small Dog Breed Are You?
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The Hogwarts Sorting Hat
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Are you stranger than the average human being?
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Which Harry Potter kid character's personality best matches yours?
Kurt Cobain
Boyfriend or Jerk?
Seto Kaiba Extremely Annoying Fan-Type Quiz
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How Much Are You Like Ron?
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Are you ready for a long term relationship?
Which 'Keilcomagrove' Character are you?
What Utensil Are You?
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How well do you know JAG?
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Your Role in Society!
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What Type of Guys do You attract?
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Why will you go to hell?
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Yet Another What Race Are You From LOTR?
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Are You depressed?
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Are YOU A True Aaliyah Fan?
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Male Celebs
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Everything about Tolkien's works, Lord of the Rings and the movies
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Does He/She Have a Crush On You?
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How A Car Engine Works?
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The will your head fall off tomorrow test
Lord of the Rings THE NOVEL, NOT THE MOVIE!
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If you were a MegamanX character, who would you be?
Are You Ruled by the Sun or the Moon?
If you were a guy, what would your name be?
A study in Numenorean history
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How much do YOU know about pandas?
What's Your Embarrassment Level?
A study in Gandalf
Purity Test
Which 7th Heaven Character Are You?
American Idol 1 season
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Which Male RHPS Character Are You?
Which Female RHPS Character Are You?
Which LOTR female character are you?
Back To The Future Mania
Practices and Fantasies
What element are you?
So You Think You Know Buffy
What That 70s Show guy are you?
Which That 70s Show Girl are you?
Which Barenaked Lady are you?
The Outsiders
LOTR Movie Actors
Unreal Gaming
Which Dearborn City Council Person Are You?
How Pure of a 'Bandie' are you?
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Acromantula Test
What type of hat are YOU?
How shallow are your friendships?
Which Lord of The Rings race are you?
How Well Do You Treat Your Neopets?
Is Charmed In Your Blood?
The ULTIMATE Timmy and Fluffy Quiz
What kind of flower are you in Summer?
What Do You Like?
How Much do You Really Know about Eminem?
Simpsons Celebrity Guest Stars
Which Movie Are You?
Which element are you? Take this, and you will find out!
Are you ready to have sex with your boyfriend?
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Are You A Lunatic 4 The St. Lunatics?
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The O.W.Ls
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Would You Rather...
Which RPG race are you?
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Are you a real Soapie Fan?
Yugioh, Past and Present
Which Lord of the Rings Race Are You?
Quiz of the Month
What Reptile are you?
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Are you an alien?
Beatlemania.. Are you a real fan? Test your knowledge
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All About Baseball
What His Infernal Majesty member is yours?
Are You a Kid at Heart?
Legolas quiz!
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Which hobbit are you?
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What is your ideal name? (Girls)
Wh@t yOur $tYle?
Slayer Handbook... How much do you know about Buffy?
Are you an idiot?
What's your M.E. personality?
What type of crazy are you?
Are you a Lifetime Jerk?
Is your TV IQ up to scratch?
Which of Harry's friends are you?
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Which Egyptian Goddess Are You?
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What tv show do you belong in?