Are you easy?
Could You Survive In Another Time?
Which Felicity Character Are You?
Could you survive in the wilderness?
How well do you know Lord of the Rings?
Do you ask yourself, if he/she really loves me?
Groovy Gandalf and Funky Frodo
Do you know your Mattitude?
How pure are you?
What Race of Middle Earth are You?
Are you a Hope e.?
Thoroughly Modern Millie Prop and Costume Quiz
Are you angry?
Which Greek goddess are you?
Which Diaryland Diarist are you?
What Disney girl are you?
The Bet Blink-182 test
"Thoroughly Modern Millie" Costume and Prop Quiz
What stereotypical group do you fit into?
Peanuts Quiz
How well do you know Elijah Wood?
Smiley Face Quiz
IQ Test
Which Lizzie McGuire character are you?
Street Fighter Quiz
James Bond
What Pokemon are you?
Are you... Evil?
A TRUE Vegeta Fan Test
What Queen Album are you?
The Sorting Hat
Arwen Undomiel
What kind of mythical creature are you?
DB/DBZ/DBGT and some movies Quiz
Are you a true Orlando Bloom Fan?
Are you a true Legolas Greenleaf fan?
Ultimate Cowboy Bebop Test
What kind of girl are you?
Are you obsessed with Orlando Bloom?
Do You Need to Get Over Your Crush?
Yu-Gi-Oh! Marik Crazy?
What Element flows through your blood?
How much do you really know?
7th Heaven Personality Quiz
Which NFL star are you?
What Cookie are you?
Which Nightwish song is this?
Austin Powers
Guys- are you genius, average-minded, or just plain stupid when it comes to girls?
Star Wars Universe Quiz
Are you a Big Avril fan?
Which unknown princess are you?
Are you a wanker?
Could You Ever Take Over The World?
The ULTIMATE Final Fantasy 7 quiz...
Properties of Matter
What type of guy are you?
Are you in love with a stuff animal?
Are You Really A Nelly Fan?
Which Angelina Jolie character are you?
Marilyn Monroe Quiz
What Elemental Dragon are you?
Are you a devoted TJT fan?
Are You An Elf?
What Neopet are you?
The 10 question Zoid quiz
The Frasier Quiz
Jennie's Cats Quiz
Are you REALLY an Avril fan?
What Mythological Creature Are You?
Which candy bar are you?
What Secret Agent are you?
What ELeMeNT ArE YoU?
What sauce are you?
Should you live in a zoo?
Dungeons and Dragons Quiz
Gundam Universe Quiz
Are you a Slut?
Max Payne - How much do you know?
Halo Quiz
Charmed! How much do you know?
The Hardest Friends Test
Alt. Rock, Rock, Rap Quiz
What type of horse is best for you?
What on Middle-Earth is this?
Which Yu-Gi-Oh! character are you most like?
Football Test
LOTR trivia test
Which LOTR character are you?
Are you a scaredy-cat?
Which Lord of the Rings Character are you?
What Android from DBZ are you?
How do you like your Orlando Bloom?
Could you be crazy?
Seto Kaiba Obsessors: How Hopeless Are You?
Potty about Potter, Loopy about Lupin, mad about mad-eye-moody?
Insanity Test
Storm Hockey Quiz
Do You Know Digimon Frontier?
What "label" do you fall under?
The Love Test
What Superhero Type Are You?
How Elvish are you?
Which cartoon character personality are you?
Find out which Powerpuff Girl you are?
Is MiddleEarth Yours?
Super Smash Bros. Melee Quiz
Which Hobbit are you?
Are you going to hell?
Why Hasn't He Asked You Out Yet?
The Star Wars Test
Which cartoon character are you most like?
Which Disney Princess are you?
What Disney Character Are You Most Like?
Would you ever....
How much do you know about Lord of the Rings?
Reservoir Dogs Test
Tribes AA Knowledge
What does HE think of you?
How much of a band dork are you?
What Band Instrument Are You?
Harry Potter Biggest Fan Quiz
What Disney Princess Are You Most Like?
How well do you know washroom etiquette?
Which Type Shoe Are You?
Which Fashion Icon Are You Most Like?
Which Princess Are You?
Bichon Frise Quiz
How much do you know about the Island Book series?
Which Aq girl are you?
Are You Meant to Be?
Dirty Dancing Quiz
Interview with a vampire
Integumentary System
What on Middle-Earth are they talking about?!
The Color Quiz
Guys: How smooth are you?
World War One History
Which Aequitas Girl Are You?
What planet are you from?
Are you really a Sailor Moon Fan?
Breath of Fire 2 Quiz
The Test Only Nerds Can Fail
Do You Know Cowboy Bebop?
The Figure Skating Fans Quiz
How much do you know about TVC?
How much are YOU into the Cthulu Mythos?
What Superhero are you?
The Lazy Test
The Gum Test
Are you a Werewolf?
What type of sock are you?
Which Lord of the Rings character are YOU?
Find out what Lord of the Rings fellowship race you belong to!
Which actress of the Golden Age of Hollywood are you?
Will Young quiz
Halloween test
Legend of Zelda
What RPG would you be most likely to play?
Do you really know Will Young?
What type of video game are you?
Which Bombshell Are You?
Lord of the Rings (Easy Version 1.0)
Are You Worthy of Dana Carvey?
Are you a goat lover?
Which Yu Yu Hakusho Character are you?
Which Good Charlotte Member are you most like?
The Test only cheerleaders can fail
Does he like you?!
How Much Do You Really Know About Simple Plan?!
Are You A Haiter?
Who is your Lord of the Rings Lover?
General Hospital, How well do you know it?
Final Fantasy VI Boss Quiz
Your Animated Self
Which Fairy-tale Princess are You?
Zoids ( CC) Quiz
What are you?
Purity Test
Does He Like You?
Silent Hill (1 and 2) quiz!
What type of guy should you look for?
Which Ally McBeal Character Are You?
What type of woman would you be?
My Golden Sun Quiz
You and Your Fantasies
Devil May Cry Quiz
Are you a redneck?
The Ultimate Hermione Granger Quiz
Does he honestly love you?
Music Quiz
Which LOTR Woman Are You?
Have you?
Number Personality
Davio's WWE/WWF Trivia
Which DOA girl is best suited for you?
Are you ready for some football?!
Guys: are you hot or not?
Advance Wars!
WWE Knowledge Quiz
What Kind of Diva are You?
Girls: are you hot or not?
Lord of the Rings Personality Test
All About Raven
Zoids Quiz
Lord of the Rings Quiz
What NGE Character Are You?
All Round Knowledge
Lonely Hearts
How Un-pure are you?
Is the FBI after you?
Are you a football fanatic?
Race to Health Quiz
Which Hobbit are you?
How Much Do You Know Simple Plan?
How Well do you know Samurai X/Rurouni Kenshin OVA
A little bit of this and that Harry Potter quiz
What Clothing Store Fits You best?
Eliza Dushku
Which natural element are you?
Which Gilmore Girl Are You?
What digimon would you have?
Vegeta quiz
How much do you know about elves?
Fashion Knowledge
Which Lord of the Rings Character are you?
Ant's Zoid Quiz
The Ultimate Middle-Earth Quiz
Which Yayo Character Are You?
What Turns You On?
Quest Quiz
Are you a serial killer?
What Kind Of Creature Are You?
Do You Know the Basics on Horses?
What year are you at Hogwarts?
Which Harry Potter Hogwarts Professor is Your Destiny?
Which Hogwarts teacher are you?
I or E
Purity 101
Harry Potter IQ
Zero's MMX RPG
Arthurian Myth Test
The "Best" Friends Quiz!
A Simple Plan Quiz
Human, Demon, or Witch