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Are you a true FRIENDS fan?
True or false: DanTDM
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How well do you know Greenhouse Academy? Xx
What is your personality?
Grand Theft Auto die hard fan quiz
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My Little Pony Quiz!
Does he like me?
How Well Do You Know The Impractical Jokers?
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Marcus and Martinus <3
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What type of manicure matches your personality best?
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DanTDM True or False!
Is it true? Or false?
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When clouds cry.
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Ldshadowlady fans
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British Columbia / Canada provinces
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Does he like you?
Is she really your "best friend"?
What kind of squad do you have?
Questions about Disney characters.
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Make me feel like I'm the only girl in the world
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What dog would you adopt at a shelter?
Does Your Crush Like You? (gay boys only)
How well do you know DanTDM?
DBZ True or False
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Mountains and Rivers/ Geography
Does this jock like me?
When you will get your first period? 100% correct
Which character from The Middle are you?
Just how obsessed are you with your crush?
My 2nd grade crush
Are You Smart Or Are You Not?
What Supernanny dad is your dad?
What Mozart and The Whale character are you?
Are you smarter than a 7th grader?
What Supernanny mom is your mom?
Which Supernanny parent are you?
Animal First Aid
The Vampire Diaries Quiz season 1-8
Heroes of Olympus Quiz
My Naruto quiz!
Which Supernanny kid are you?
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Are you a real limelight?
When you will get your first period quiz
Which Member Of Nice Posture Are You Most Like?
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Dan and Phil quiz:)
Does SHE like you?
Are you an LDshadowlady fan?
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The Ultimate Shawn Mendes Quiz (Mendes Army Only)
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Are you likely to succeed in life?
Is HE the ONE? (Girls ONLY)
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Spongebob Squarepants
Do You Know "Pitch Perfect"?
True or FALSE quiz
Does a shy guy like you? (For girls)
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How popular are you?
Am I a Good Girlfriend?
How old are you REALLY at heart?
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What Medicine Cat Are You?
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How in Love Are You Really?
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Does He Like You Back?
What type of guy are you into?
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Are you girly, goth, sporty or a tomboy?
Japanese quiz!
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What is Your Favorite Album from BarlowGirl?
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Camila Cabello Pop Quiz
Does he like you? (For gals who like shy boys at school)
Malory Towers
Video games and anime