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Does SHE like YOU back?

Gay test

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PizzaKid (27962)
11 days ago
I know right.thereare so many of these do you like her is too much
big daddy 9000 (29837)
12 days ago
these are all gay quizzes and does she like you quizzes. I thought there would be stuff worth my time being a guy and all
Ruby 3093421 (84518)
14 days ago
I’m a girl! Now I know your secrets! *mwahaha!*
mooz (back in the house again) (12843)
47 days ago
ok... now it seems like I like those quizzes - I dont, the heart replace my ''bad word'' xD
mooz (back in the house again) (12843)
47 days ago
back after another half-year, still all the same, just more gay quizzes and does she like you quizzes - news flash, if you go here, she probably doesn't. no offence fellas.
cya in another year or so, and TU TU RU

savageruthless (91216)
146 days ago
boys boys boys :-/
love girls :-*
mooz (56022)
222 days ago
haven't been here in a year, glad to see nothing's changed, still either love or gay
Liam Warnky (96172)
483 days ago
I found out she likes me she actuly does!:)
mooz (37434)
612 days ago
why are all the god💗 quizzes about love ffs
fatima (74218)
787 days ago
hey sexy boys check out what kind of girl do u attarct