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Ginevra Weasley (19182)
55 days ago
Ginevra Weasley (19182)
55 days ago
Hi peeps
Huda (24810)
60 days ago
I like Harry Potter and Ginny weasley. My favourite character
Miii (90772)
73 days ago
I think I'm slytherin
hdjdhdudididisiwis (06207)
73 days ago
Bob (78170)
74 days ago
I do not want to be Gryffindor
Annie (22889)
75 days ago
I love Hermione so much
Kara (34730)
81 days ago
I think it is very good .
Kate (52961)
90 days ago
I Got Griffndor Guys And When I Took Who's Your Boyfreind Harry Potter edition I got george
Bellatrix Lestrange (35748)
92 days ago
I'm a Ravendor. But I respect Slytherins and Hufflepuffs. Respect, people. Respect.
Your MOM (04418)
98 days ago
Sasuke (75154)
104 days ago
Im proud to be. A slitheren
Juliet Dawson (82959)
106 days ago
I am a proud Ravenclaw!!!
Tyler (82452)
109 days ago
I am a griffindornwith a lion as mypatronus
I love Hermione granger (12914)
115 days ago
I am Hermione for Halloween and she is my idol I adore you Hermione
Harry Potter fan (60206)
124 days ago
I’m a strong slytherin and proud to be one!
Hermione Jean Granger (35748)
126 days ago
What people forgot: draco can't produced a Patronus, he had no happy memories, his father MADE him a jerk, he turned out to be not so bad, he was under PRESSURE.
Hat people remembered: Big Fat Spoiled Brat
Cillian (28964)
137 days ago
Draco is a lil ******* but snape is ********** beast p.S. Im in slytherin and my patronus is a cat
Harry Potter (04970)
137 days ago
Hermione Granger (44766)
140 days ago