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What should you name your baby

What is your personality within your name?

What is your personality within your name?

Is your name stupid?

What Is Your True Name?

What Should Your Name Really Be?

What kind of a babynamer are you?

Your true name

What's Your Perfect Nickname?

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Comments (7)


Eva (86250)
4 days ago
My name was: Emily and I LOVE that name and my real name is Eva!XD
karlin (55472)
232 days ago
i wish my name was grace angela or jess but *sighs* it is larkin with the k and the L switched
Pramod pathak (40923)
370 days ago
This good name skratch apps
Reshma (63875)
435 days ago
My name is Reshma but i love the name alisha and aisha
cameron (64369)
649 days ago
kaitly you should pick matt because there is someone in my class called matt I also have a mac and max in my class
Kailey (70672)
664 days ago
I am playing Animal Crossing: New Leaf for the first time and Rover is asking my name. I'm in love with boys right now so I want my name to be a boy name. I only have a problem right now since I really like these 4 boys at school. They are Blake, Jack, Matt, and Clesom. I don't know which name to pick though. Can you help me? Help me!!!!!!!!
Sofia (92382)
732 days ago
My name is Sofia, I have a dream name, (Thalia)- but I love my real name to much!! 😘😋😊💝😍