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Hi (56927)
15 days ago
The German Page has also got roleplaygames and a very active community. Sorry for mistakes, I'm a German
siversong (09838)
86 days ago
Courtney (09610)
93 days ago
Echo-Stripe, those are actually really good names!
Echo-Stripe (54925)
93 days ago
I suggest these as worrior cat names!! They might be true but: Echo-foot, Tiger-bark, Bark-claw, and me Echo-stripe
nightmares (99860)
147 days ago
Hello my name is nightmares im kommet of German
WarriorCats! (12668)
221 days ago
Are u German Hailey?
Hailey (90505)
489 days ago
I like this page.👌🏻 It enables us to test ourselves, but it's a pity that we can't write fanfictions like the German page. This is the only negative thing I wanted to tell.
meeeeeep (47999)
675 days ago
hallo? looooooooooooooooool
??? (03727)
707 days ago