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What Element Controls your Future?

What Job and What Type of Guy

Could you survive in the future?

How famous will I be?

How famous will I be?

What is your fate?

What is your future?

What's your future?

How Will You Die?

What is your future?

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Dinesh Chettri ( 99225 )
Posted 7 days ago
A Aged lady who works at Indian Bank, Darjeeling I always respect her & bow to her she bless me : I had a problem that on 16th February 2017 when she was going to market as felling my mother I want to catch her hand, certainly she became anger. So on the next day when I went her bank she anger with me & telling with others with negative sense. Till today she tells to other that I had catch her hand in negative sense. So I request you to kindly make her forget all that what happens from her mind.
mohan ( 76607 )
Posted 76 days ago
I want know about my study and job
Skyler ( 01457 )
Posted 80 days ago
I love this, i am a true wolf no matter what people say. For one i was born with sharp teeth, for two i eat meat alot. For three i dont like many liquids, for four i act like one.For five i like to be outside, for sis my favourite animal is any typed of dog.For seven i never wanna go to bed at night. For eight i dont really like cats. For nine i like to howl and growl. For ten im not inside any houses often. Foer eleven im not a morning person. Last of all i like to dig holes.
Arman ( 22375 )
Posted 181 days ago
How much cgpa will i get in 10
ramachandran ( 96049 )
Posted 205 days ago
I want to know who i would be in the future and i want my life job
Priyanka ( 92296 )
Posted 228 days ago
I want to know my job
rojalin satpathy ( 87490 )
Posted 231 days ago
I will be rich or not
devprasad tripathy ( 87490 )
Posted 231 days ago
He will be rich or not
Ashwin ( 91097 )
Posted 234 days ago
I want to know how is my future.
catty ( 70775 )
Posted 304 days ago
I want to knw wat is my future m happy in my life or un happy rich or poor
Dibya ( 66733 )
Posted 354 days ago
What I will be in my future
sujata ( 73307 )
Posted 370 days ago
I want to know when I will have a boyfriend
pradeep ( 24154 )
Posted 378 days ago
I want what is my future
Rupankar Talukdar ( 10508 )
Posted 399 days ago
I want to know who I would be in the future
tanya singh ( 39979 )
Posted 404 days ago
I my future i will be rich or not
Pradeep kumar ( 11332 )
Posted 432 days ago
I my future i wii be rich or not
pooJa gupta ( 54259 )
Posted 440 days ago
When will I get married
k💗ij ( 04195 )
Posted 476 days ago
How much iwill get percent in std 12
bhavya tm ( 33812 )
Posted 506 days ago
wn I will get marryin
Pavan b jain ( 89241 )
Posted 523 days ago
I want know what job for me getting