Label me, Please!

Feel lost? Don't know who you are? Want to find friends who will except you? Take this to find out what you are!

Question 1:What clothing do you normally wear?
Abercrombie and Fitch, Express, American Eagle
Black, vinyl, Black, bondage clothing, Black
Band t-shirts, happy colors, converse, punk stuff
Question 2:What music do you listen too?
Dave Matthews Band
N*SYNC, Britney, Christina, BSB
Sum41, Blink182, Box Car Racers
VNV Nation, Velvet Acid Christ, gothic industrial, Adema, Sevendust, Cold, Kidneythieves
Only music from lesbians and gays.
Question 3:What do you eat?
McDonald's, Burger King, all fast food
Tofu, no way I'd kill animals to eat them
Pride food!! Rainbows!!!
Question 4:Do you wear leather (not the fake kinds, but the real slaughtered baby animal skin kind)?
all the time!
never...I'm not heartless
I slaughter the animals myself....muahaha...
Only if it's dyed rainbow
Question 5:Do you go hunting?
Like I said, I would never kill animals
Every chance I get! Yay, kill the animals!
only if It's with friends or family
hunting for rainbows...
Question 6:Do you ever drink human blood which is not your own and enjoy it?
Yes, it turns me on...I'm thirsty just thinking about it
Eeeeeeew! Why the hell would anyone do that???
Only if it's from someone of the same sex.
Sounds fun...I should try that
Question 7:Do you smoke cigarettes cuz it's the 'cool' thing to do?
only if my partner does too
No, I smoke because of the buzz
No, smoking is for posers
Question 8:Do you do any drugs?
Ummm...I forgot...what was the question?
Hell yes!
Hell no
Only at Raves
Question 9:Do you dress the way you do because other people wear the same thing?
No, I dress this way for attention
I wear rainbows!!
I make my own clothes
I wear what no one else has
Question 10:Are you friends with people that dress/act differently from you?
No way, that'd ruin my reputation (All of my friends are the same as me!)
Friends? what are those?
My friends are all part of GALA (gay and lesbian association)
Yes, my friends are all completely individual
I associate with punks, and punks only
Question 11:What color do you prefer?
Yellow, red, orange, olive green
Neon green, pink
All the colors
Question 12:How do you label yourself?
Dark and morbid
Question 13:What is your favorite of the following?
Beer wine
wine coolers
Fruit mixers
Alcohol is gross
Question 14:Do you know who the 'Men without Hats' are and there #1 hit?
SAFETY DANCE!!! (begins dancing around)
construction workers?
The 80's were so 20 years ago
Just not enough pride for me...
Question 15:Why are you taking this test?
I'm a mindless drone who needs a label
I have no frikin clue
I'm sadly alone =(
So I can laugh when this tells me I'm a poser

This Quiz has been designed by Sammy.