Which Color Are You?

Question 1:Your friends plan on seeing a movie. Which kind of movie do you want to see?
A horror flick
A comedy
A teen flick
A cartoon
Question 2:What kinds of clothes do you generally wear?
Anything that makes me look unique.
I wear anything that is comfortable or sporty.
I wear the latest trends.
Whatever I can find on the bedroom floor.
Question 3:What kinds of kids do you like to hang out with?
A mix of all of these
Question 4:Which best describes your music taste?
Alternative or Punk Rock
R+B, Rap
All of them
Question 5:How are your grades on average?
They vary from time to time. Sometimes good, sometimes average, sometimes bad.
I'm a failure.
I'm above average.
I'm living up to my potential.
I'm a straight-A student.
Question 6:Do you admire popular people?
No...that is so superficial.
Kind of...it depends on the person.
Hells yeah! They have the best parties!
Question 7:If you could pick any of the following group activities to do with your friends, which one would it be?
Mountain Climbing
Just hanging around
Question 8:Biggest fear?
That preps will take over the world!
That I won't be able to live up to others' expectations of me!
That my clothes will be out of style next season!
MYSELF! Ha, ha, ha.
Question 9:You would get angry at a friend for...
Telling your parents all the bad things you did at school.
Blabbing a secret.
Spreading a rumor about you that wasn't true.
No matter what my friends do, I will never be mad at them.
Question 10:Which of the following would you NOT want to do with your friends?
See a preppy movie.
Give each other makeovers.
Pig out
I would do all of these things.

This Quiz has been designed by Aparna.