Wizard Challenge

How well do you know Harry Potter?

Question 1:What is the Beauxbatons crest?
A white cat with huge, yellow glowing eyes
The silhouette of an owl flying across a full moon
Two gold wands with stars shooting out of them
A powder blue witch hat in front of a starry sky
Question 2:What Quidditch World Cup does Harry attend with Hermione and the Weasleys?
the 422nd
the 579th
the 367th
the 455th
Question 3:How many Sickles to a Galleon?
Question 4:Who wrote 'A History of Magic'?
Bathilda Bagshot
Miranda Goshawk
Phyllida Spore
Adalbert Waffling
Question 5:When was Harry born?
July 30, 1980
July 1, 1990
July 31, 1980
January 31, 1989
Question 6:What is the date of Nearly Headless Nick's death?
October 31, 1582
September 13, 1492
December 25, 1597
October 31, 1492
Question 7:Who is the Ravenclaw house ghost?
The Bloody Baron
Nearly-Headless Nick
The Fat Friar
The Grey Lady
Question 8:Percy Weasley works for what committee in the Ministry of Magic?
Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures
Department of International Magical Corporation
Committee foe Experimental Charms
Magical Law Enforcement Squad
Question 9:What was the password to get into the prefects bathroom?
Pig Snout
Question 10:Hannah Abott is in which house?

This Quiz has been designed by Rebecca.