Do you have cute feet?

Are your feet adorable? Or are you a hairy yellow nailed bigfoot who never wears sandals? Find out with our new and improved Foot Quiz!

Question 1:What size are your feet?
4 or less
9 or above
Question 2:What shape are you toenails?
Large and Square
Large and Round
Small and Square
Small and round
I don't have much or any toenails
Question 3:Do you paint your toenails? If yes, what color?
No I don't paint them, or clear
Blue. Always blue.
Bright neon colors
Dark neutral tones
Some sort of pink.
Question 4:What color are your toenails naturally?
White and scuffed up
I'm not exactly sure...
Question 5:Are your feet skinny or fat?
Super Skinny
Super Fat
Their fatness fits their size
Question 6:How's the skin on your feet?
Dry and peeling
Soft and moisturized
Somewhere in between
Question 7:Do you keep your feet clean?
Yes I wash them thoroughly every day
No they are always dirty
It depends on the day and the time
Question 8:What type of shoe do you wear most often?
Old scruffy tennis shoes
Cute tennis shoes that match my outfit
Flip Flops
Sandals of some sort
Combat boots
Question 9:How do you accessorize your feet?
I don't
A toe ring occasionally
Always a toe ring
An anklet if i feel like it
There's always something decorating them
Question 10:Which of your toes is the longest?
The First One
The Second One
The Middle One
The 4th one
The pinky toe

This Quiz has been designed by Yolander.