How much of a Grease fan are you?

You've seen the movie thousands of times, so why not test your knowledge?

Question 1:What school is Rydell's rival?
Cresthill High
St. Brinidette High
Wellington High
San Janta High
Question 2:Which of Travolta's family members has a role in the movie?
his mom
his little brother
his cousin
his older sister
Question 3:Where does Kenickie work over the summer?
fixing cars at Mr. Grett's Garage
painting houses with his brother
loading boxes at Bargain City
selling parts for Bobbie Crism
Question 4:How long has it been since Rydell has "rang the victory bell?"
3 years
4 years
7 years
8 years
Question 5:What movie is playing at the drive-in?
The Blob
When I Loved You
The Monster From Below
Question 6:What causes Danny to hit the catcher while playing baseball?
The catcher insults his batting
The catcher calls a foul
The catcher says Danny looks like a dork
The catcher laughs at his position
Question 7:What do Danny and Sandy order at Frosty's?
Cheeseburgers and eskimo pies
A burger to share and two dog sled delights
Rootbeer floats and cheeseburgers
Double burgers with cherry sodas and chocolate ice cream
Question 8:In the song "Summer Nights", which is a lyric?
Summer sun, summer's so fun, but oh, those summer nights
Summer heat, make people meet, but oh, those summer nights
Summer crush, gave me a rush, but oh, those summer nights
Summer dreams, ripped at the seams, but oh, those summer nights
Question 9:What's posted on Frenchie's bathroom door?
"Rydell High"
"Frenchie's Bath"
"Powder Room"
Question 10:What does Frenchie's guardian angel recommend she do?
Try harder at beauty school
Fall in love and enjoy her teen years
Go back to highschool
Start over at another school

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