Which Grease GUY are you?

Ever wondered which male character of the popular movie you'd be? Find out!

Question 1:What are your common summer plans?
Summer school
Hook up with a great girl
Get laid and make some money for your car
Do whatever your friends do- you don't care
Question 2:What's your common outfit?
Whatever everybody else is wearing
I think I look good in anything
I'm not too concerned with fashion
Something preppy
Question 3:What kind of girls do you go for?
What girls??
I'm not picky, but I'm usually single just the same
The ones who have that special something
The ones who put out or are really pretty
Question 4:What do you drive?
My parents drive me
What I saved up for all summer
I don't drive my own car too often- it's too nice
My friends drive me, or I walk
Question 5:Where are you going after graduation?
I dunno... I might get married and get a job
Wherever my highschool buddies are going
I'll play it by ear
College, of course
Question 6:What's your worst habit?
Cussing.. and maybe using girls
I'm nearly perfect- my parents are proud of me
Smoking/Drinking, but it's not that bad
Pulling pranks
Question 7:What do your ex's think of you?
what ex's?
my friends are going out with them now- we're still friends
they hate me
they still want me
Question 8:What's your best talent?
Racing cars, singing, dancing.. you name it
Making people laugh
Working under pressure, and doing it right
Getting girls
Question 9:If given a stereotypical title, what would your's be? Be honest now...
Wanna-Be, Poser, or Class-clown
Nerd or Prep
Pretty Boy or Jock
Rebel or Tough Guy
Question 10:Which character are you most hoping to be?
Eugene... (can't think of why though)
Kenickie- he's a stud
Danny, of course!
Sonny, because he's funny

This Quiz has been designed by Krista.