Yu-Gi-Oh Quiz

Think you know Yu-Gi-Oh?? Are you a duelist or a dummy? Well try this quiz and see.

Question 1:What is the rare card that Yugi's grandpa owns?
Blue Eyes White Dragon
Red Eyes Black Dragon
Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon
Baby Dragon
Question 2:What Millenium Item does Bakura have?
Millenium Ring
Millenium Puzzle
Millenium Eye
Millenium Key
Question 3:What is Yugi's favorite card?
Celtic Gaurdian
Dark Magician
Gyia the fierce Knight
Summon Skull
Question 4:Which of these is Tea's favorite monster?
Magician of Faith
Shining Friendship
Dark Magician
Question 5:What is Joey's favorite monster card??
Flame Swordsman
Red Eyes Black Dragon
Time Wizard
Baby Dragon
Question 6:Which card did Yugi use to beat Mia?
Spell Binding Circle
Magic Hats
Black Luster Richual
Question 7:Which of these duelists, which Yugi battled, was not working for Pegasus?
Para and Dox
Fake Kiaba
Question 8:What card is Kiaba's Favorite?
Red Eyes
Baby Dragon
Blue Eyes
Question 9:Who does Mia first Battle?
Question 10:Which magic card does Yugi use most?
Swords of Revealing Light
Spell Bound Circle
Dragon Capture jar
Magical Hats

This Quiz has been designed by Silver Fang Specialist.