Harry Potter Test

So you think you know everything about Harry Potter...

Question 1:What does Dobby threaten to destroy at the Dursley's?
A cake
A pudding cake
A pudding
Question 2:The spell Serpensortia does what?
Lets you talk to snakes
Conjures up a lizard
Conjures up a snake
Question 3:In the 4th book what does dragon does Fleur Delacour fight?
Hungarian Horntail
Chinese Fireball
Welsh Green
Swedish Snort-Snout
Question 4:Gillyweed does what?
Lets you breathe underwater
Turns you into a fish
Gives you gills and webbed feet
Question 5:On Harry's 13th birthday, what does he get from Hermione?
A broomstick servicing kit
A broomstick
This year's school books
A cake
Question 6:What date was Buckbeak's appeal?
June 15th
May 6th
January 6th
June 6th
Question 7:What animal was Rita Skeeter in the 4th book?
Some kind of bug
A fly
She was an animal??
A beetle
A spider
Question 8:What curse did Harry's parents die from?
The Crucio curse
The Imperius curse
The Avada Kedavra curse
Question 9:In the 2nd book how many Galleons was Ron's dad fined for bewitching the car?
Question 10:What was the Bulgarian team mascots at the Quidditch World Cup?
Beautiful Woman

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