Knowledge of Famous People

What is your knowledge of Famous People? To find out, take my quiz!

Question 1:Abigail Addams was-
a19th-century American actress
a 10th-century princess of Burgundy
a U.S. president's wife
Question 2:Adela Rogers St. Johns was-
an actress
a noted English novelist
an American writer
Question 3:St. Agnes was-
a choreographer
a 4th-century Roman martyr
an actress
Question 4:Aimee Semple MacPherson was-
an actress
an American religious leader
a choreographer
Question 5:Princess Alexandria of Kent (England)was-
the wife of England's Kind Edward VII
a ballerina
a cousin of Queen Elizabeth II
Question 6:Princess Alice was-
a tennis champion
an American poet
the daughter of England's Queen Victoria
Question 7:Alicia Markova was-
an Italian actress
a ballerina
a noted actress
Question 8:Alma Gluck was-
a tennis champion
an American philanthropist
a famous opera singer
Question 9:Amanda Sewell was-
an American painter
a famous aviatrix
an American poet
Question 10:Angelica Catalini was-
a 17th-century French abbess
a wife of England's King Henry VIII
a 19th-century Italian singer

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