Take this simple test to find out which celebrity you are most like! Are you an outspoken Avril Lavigne? Or are you an image obsessed J LO

Question 1:What's your fave dress style?
Skater style
Anything naughty and revealing
Cutesy girl next door style
Smart / Sophisticated style
Question 2:If you had to write a song, what would it be about?
The way your feeling, including all your emotions
Naughty stuff
How deeply in love you are
Important issues and things that matter
Question 3:Who would be your ideal celebrity boyfriend?
Justin Timberlake
Chester (Linkin Park)
Question 4:What style is your hair?
Layered with cute clips/hair bands
Huge and wild like a poodle
Boring and straight
Braided or plaited
Question 5:What is your favourite accessory?
Hat or handbag
Make up
Sun glasses
Question 6:What colour is your hair?
Brown or red
You died it
Question 7:Which word do you most relate to?
Question 8:How would you describe yourself?
Very outspoken and loud.
Girly and loves pretty things
In touch with your feelings
Demanding, impatient and rude.
Question 9:What would you most like to do on a Saturday night?
Go to the park with your mates or listen to some loud music
Have a sleepover with your girl friends
Go round you boyfriend's house and have some fun
Stay in with a bottle of wine writing songs
Question 10:What is your favourite colour?
Black / Dark blue
Brown / Grey
Pink / Red / Purple
Multicoloured (rainbow)

This Quiz has been designed by Tracy Ann.