How Popular Are You???

Are you always surrounded by tons of friends, or do you sit alone @ lunch? Click here to find out the truth! :)

Question 1:Where do you sit at lunch?
At the most crowded table
With a small group of my BFF's
I always sit alone :(
Question 2:What is the biggest insult?
You have NO fashion sense!
You're weird
You're just like a cheerleader!
Question 3:What club sounds best?
I don't really do clubs
Question 4:Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend?
I get a new on every other day
I've got one, but we're very loyal
No, why would I want to?
Question 5:About how many friends do you have?
To many 2 count!!!
About 10-20
I had one, once
Question 6:What would you rather wear?
The latest trend in NYC
Whatever's comfortable
A pretty dress(girls) or something groovy(guys)
Question 7:What would you rather get for your b-day?
A cool CD that all of your friends have
A romance novel
A science kit
Question 8:What is your fav subject?
Study Hall
Science and Math
Question 9:Where are you most likely to be found on a Friday night?
A dance club
A sleepover
At home reading a biography of Albert Einstein
Question 10:Who is your hero?
Whoever your BFF's is
Your BFF
My mommy

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