What Warm or Evil creature are you?

Did you ever think that you were meant to be another sort of being? Here in this test it will tell you what your soul is!

Question 1:You're dream in life is...
to enslave everyone
to follow your best buddy(even if they are mean)
to mess with others for fun
Question 2:What would you do if you had a million dollars?
give it to my master or friend
Buy a destruction ray
buy a casino for me and others
Question 3:Your favorite past time is...
practicing with my weapons or troops
hiding and messing up other's plans
helping my master or buddy
Question 4:If you and your same specie friends went to a party what would you be doing there?
go with all of my other friends the whole night
Going to see the weakest ones there and hurt them
Question 5:You love to eat...
Question 6:You would say that your body shape is...
Fuzzy and thin
Big and poofy
Question 7:If you got stuck at the mall you would...
super glue all the doors shut
Go on a stealing spree
try and wait for help
Question 8:If someone asked for your help what would you say?
"ok" (just to mess with them)
"Do you look like my master/friend?"
"Is there a reward involved?"
Question 9:What is your weakness?
My stupidity
My untrusting nature
My eagerness for power
Question 10:What is your power/strength?
Can bounce at will
Can float if it's windy enough
Can't be harmed

This Quiz has been designed by Patti.