Are you a huge Plus One fan?

Are you a huge fan of Plus One?

Question 1:What is Jason Perry's full name?
Jason Michael Perry
Jason Andrew Perry
just plain, Jason Perry
who is he?
Jason Wayne Perry
Question 2:In what year did Plus One release their first cd?
Question 3:Which song did Plus One first sing together as a group?
Goin' Crazy
Kick Me
My Life
The Promise
Question 4:What does 'Plus One' mean?
Us, plus girls
Us, plus God
is there even a meaning?
Question 5:Who's the youngest Plus One member?
Jeremy Mhire
Nate Cole
Nathan Walters
Jason Perry
Gabe Combs
Question 6:When is Jeremy's birthday?
May 3, 1980
June 1, 1982
August 14, 1979
December 13, 1981
Question 7:Who is Plus One's record company?
Atlantic Records
Sparrow Records
Word Records
Question 8:What is Gabe's favorite animal?
Question 9:Who is Nate Cole's favorite actor?
Tom Cruise
Tom Hanks
doesn't have one
Will Smith
Question 10:What is Nathan's favorite kind of cookie?
oatmeal and raisin
doesn't have one
Chocolate chip

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