Which Fashion Icon Are You Most Like?

This quiz is to determine which celebrity you resemble with your sense of fashion! ENJOY!

Question 1:You and your best buds are planning to go to the beach! Which swimsuit are you most likely to wear?!?:
The hand-me-down that your cuz sent you 2 weeks ago.
That super cute swimsuit that u bought just days ago.
Anything that involves the color PINK!
Question 2:Your crush invites you to a major party that he's having. Your first thought is "What am I going to wear???":
The only comfortable thing you have.
That ultra sexy black little dress.
A super cute blouse that your mom gave you.
Question 3:You are at the mall. The first thing that grabs your mind is:
A baby pink halter that is hanging there all alone!
Some really cute Dulche and Cabado boots!
The only Nike sweatshirt that you don’t have.
Question 4:The things in your closet consists of:
Lots of Floral print!
Everything that has an appeal of comfort to me.
All of the brand name clothes that I like.
Question 5:Your "hero" is:
My mom.
Bobbi Brown.
Question 6:The one thing you wouldn't be caught dead wearing is?:
A plain black dress.
A man's shirt!
Something that didn't fit me!
Question 7:One of the after-school activities your in is...:
Sewing Club.
Art Club.
Drama Club.
Question 8:Your best bud is:
I have more that JUST one!
The only one you can depend on.
Exactly like you.
Question 9:You are known at your school as the...:
Flower Child!
Reliable One!
Question 10:Your signature perfume is?:
Glow - J.Lo
Tommy Girl - Tommy Hilfiger
Happy - Clinque

This Quiz has been designed by Galene.