How dark is your soul? Find the truth within....

Question 1:What is your favorite color?
Blood Red
Sunshine Yellow
Dark Purple
Forest Green
Pastel Pink
Question 2:If you had your own reality TV show, what would it be called?
No one would want to watch my tortured life...
"I'm Da Bomb"
"A Day In My Existence
"Some Day I'll be Dead"
"Adventures of a Player"
Question 3:How much denim do you own?
It's a main staple of my fashion wardrobe!
A few articles, but I hide them in the back of my closet
Denim? Please...that's SO unrefined
Question 4:What is your favorite season?
Question 5:What is Bauhaus?
How should I know?
A term the author of this quiz made up
A well-known Goth band
The German word for 'doghouse'
Question 6:If you smoke, do you prefer Clove cigarettes?
Is there any other kind?
No, I don't like how they taste
On occasion, not regularly though
What are Clove cigarettes?
I don't smoke
Question 7:Have you ever dyed your hair black?
My hair is naturally black
Question 8:Out of these movies, which one are you most likely to watch?
Moulin Rouge
Conan the Barbarian
Interview With the Vampire
Rocky Horror Picture Show
Question 9:The nickname your friends would be most likely to call you is...
I'm far too serious for a nickname
Azrael Abyss/Circe Nightshade (or derivatives thereof)
Question 10:If you could have any pet you wanted, what kind of pet would you have?
A Black Cat
A Burmese Python
A Toy Poodle
A St. Bernard
I don't like animals
Question 11:Have you ever spent time in a cemetery for recreation?
Only with friends
Question 12:What did Robert Smith's character do when he was featured on South Park?
Robert Smith was never on South Park
He played the music for the kids' Christmas pageant
He defeated Mecha-Streisand
He substitute taught the boys while Mr. Garrison got a nose job
I don't watch television
Question 13:What type of music do you primarily listen to?
Alternative Rock
Question 14:If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live?
A castle in the English countryside
An apartment in Paris
On a farm in North Dakota
A chateau in New Orleans
An apartment in Tokyo
Question 15:What kind of bed do you like to sleep in?
A gigantic Four-Poster
A coffin
A waterbed
Any bed that has satin or velvet on it
A canopy bed

This Quiz has been designed by eliara.