Are you easy?

Find out how slutty you really are!!

Question 1:What is your typical outfit?
Jeans and tank top
Short skirt, see-through top and knee high boots
Baggy pants and t-shirt
Question 2:Have you ever had sexual feelings towards a family member?
Does the TV count as family?
No! That's incest!
Yeah, and nothing is gonna stop me from getting him!
Maybe just a second cousin, but I would never actually do anything!
Question 3:How far would you go on your first date?
I'd eat the whole thing! Mmm, juicy!
Maybe a kiss, but I don't really date
All the way!
Depends on the guy, but probably making out
Question 4:If your friends described you, they'd say:
Pretty, sweet and smart
A bit of a weirdo
What a slut! But we love you!
I don't really um, have friends
Question 5:What do you do on a Friday night?
Hang out with friends at a party or sleepover
Watch TV or go for a skate
Hook up with some guy at a club
Question 6:Who do you most resemble from Not Another Teen Movie?
None of them!
Janey Briggs
Catherine, Amanda, Areola, Priscilla or one of her friends
One of those nice girls
Question 7:What is your fave accessory?
Your latest boy
Your easel
Your mobile
Your skateboard
Question 8:How do you act around losers like Tanya Gabel?
Piss off!
Hey, will you be my friend?
Ahh! Get away from me you wanna be!
Question 9:What underwear do you wear?
Normal white undies
A g-string
Baggy granny ones
A sexy bikini style
Question 10:And finally, do you think you're a slut?
No, not really?
Hell yeah!
Well, sometimes!
WTF is a slut?!

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