Temperament Personality Test

What is your personality temperament?

Question 1:IF you had a HUGE test today that you didn't study for what would you do?
Go to school and stab the teacher
I always study for tests
I'll just go and guess
Fake an injury, call ambulance
Question 2:What's your favorite color?
Red the same as BLOOD!
Question 3:What kind of car would you drive ?
Any mid-size decent car
A big fancy one
A tank with heavy armor
My home made motorized scooter unit!
Question 4:What is your idea of a sport?
Anything with destruction
Question 5:How do you spend your free time?
Hanging out with my friends
Reading, Chess Club
Throwing things at people
Playing Sports
Question 6:What is your favorite food?
Blood nice&salty
Question 7:If you were drafted what would you do?
Become a technician no fighting for me
Go along then become a kamikaze
Go to Canada
Just go and fight the war
Question 8:If you could do one thing before you die what would it be?
Take over the world
Anything fun
Go bungee jumping of a Landmark like the Eifel Tower
Make world peace
Question 9:If you could pick any job what would it be?
A scientist
A daredevil
A crime lord
A doctor
Question 10:If a genie granted you one wish what would it be?
To have alot of money
To be really smart
To have your own crime ring
To be really strong

This Quiz has been designed by Dan Owen.