What Do You Like?

This test will give you a little idea of what kind of things you like sexually and how your preferences compare with others

Question 1:Which of these is your favorite fantasy man?
Sean Connery
Justin Timberlake
Mel Gibson
Question 2:What kind of clothes do you like to wear?
Ultra-conservative, shows nothing
I wear the least possible and show the most possible.
I like to show some cleavage and my good figure
Question 3:Which of these feels better?
Vibrator (external)
Dildo or vibrator (internal)
A combination of the two!
Question 4:What part of your body would you prefer to have your partner's mouth on?
Question 5:Who do you fantasize about?
I fantasize about my partner only
I fantasize about many men.
I fantasize about my partner and a few others
Question 6:How do you feel about solo masturbation?
I never, ever do that and think it is sort of pathetic.
I do that regularly, and love it.
I have done it once or twice, and enjoyed it
Question 7:What are your feelings about monogamy? (being with one partner)
Although I might fantasize about another man, I would never cheat on my partner.
I've never even thought about sex with anyone but my partner.
I enjoy the excitement of loving more than one.
Question 8:If you had to name your favorite thing in bed, it would be:
Oral sex
Using sex toys
Question 9:Who excites you the most sexually?
Only my partner
My partner and a Hollywood hottie or two.
Many men excite me
Question 10:If your favorite fantasy man knocked on your door in the mood for love, and you knew your partner would never find out, you would:
Very regretfully turn him away
Ask him in!
Turn him away in an instant
Question 11:Which of the following excites you most?
An illicit and exciting affair your partner never finds out about
You, your partner, and another man, both of them doing everything you desire.
A quickie with a stranger
Question 12:What is the best use of fantasy?
Helps me "get there" when I am masturbating.
Add a little spice to a boring relationship.
Lets me have great sex with someone I would never approach in real life.

This Quiz has been designed by Allen.