KoRn lyrics!

You think you are a KoRn fanatic? Take this test and see if you really are... All you have to know is what song these piece of lyrics are from.

Question 1:"Constant paranoia surrounds me, everyone I see is out to get me"
Let's get this party started
Hollow life
Question 2:"Look at the pages that caused all this evil"
Shoots and ladders
Question 3:"All alone, where is God? Looking down?"
Hey Daddy
All in the family
Hollow life
Question 4:"My God! Saw you watching. Mommy why!?"
Falling away from me
Beat it upright
Question 5:"My life is such a waste, begging for something to work this time."
Beg for me
Question 6:"These little girls they make me feel so goddamn exhilarated"
Mr. Rogers
Alone I break
Question 7:"Get away from me! I fucking hate you! Fuck you!!!"
No place to hide
Somebody, someone
Question 8:"King, knocking. No ones there"
Shoots and ladders
Question 9:"Don't pretend you're not fuckin' freaky baby"
Kill you
Beat it upright
My gift to you
Question 10:This isn't any lyric, just wanted to know if you know to which Britney Spears song KoRn sampled their lyrics to "Twist" on?
...Baby, one more time
Oops!...I did it again

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