How much do you know about being a Journalist?

Have you ever wondered if you could be a professional journalist? Then take this basic knowledge quiz, and see how much you really know!

Question 1:What is the number one goal of a newspaper?
soft news
correct grammar
Question 2:How long (on average) does it take a high school to produce a 12 page newspaper?
1 month
2 weeks
6 weeks
Question 3:What does the design chief do?
edit photos
assign stories
sell ads
layout pages
Question 4:What does the copy chief do?
paste up the paper
Check for correct style and grammar
make copies of the paper for readers
Question 5:About how much money does it cost to produce a 12 page black and white newspaper with minimal spot color?
It's free (as long as your school sponsors you)
Question 6:Choose the correct way to write a 2 part quote:
"It was a great game," Smith said. "I'm glad we won."
"It was a great game. I'm glad we won."
"It was a great game." Said Smith. "I'm glad we won."
Question 7:How many editors (at least) should read a story before it goes back to the reporter?
Question 8:What model is used to write news?
nut graph
inverted pyramid
Question 9:What model is used to write features?
Inverted Pyramid
Nut Graph
Question 10:What is an example of a bad question to ask a coach after a game?
How was the game?
What was the game plan?
What do you plan to do differently next time?

This Quiz has been designed by Alisha.