What nationality are you?

Where are you really from? Take this quiz and discover the little German in you.

Question 1:Where would you like to go on a holiday?
Ibiza, or anywhere I can party!
Anyplace goes, as long as there is beer.
I'm too scared to go anywhere, so I'll stick in my own country.
To our family's lovely little cottage by the lake.
Someplace where I don't have to speak anything but my own language.
Question 2:What do you like to eat?
Homemade food!
Anything, as long as it’s tasteless and fatty.
Beer and sausages!
Anything with garlic in it!
Fatty food!
Question 3:An old lady needs help, what do you do?
Walk away, don't care.
I'm way too drunk to help the old lady!
I'll help, but I will not speak!!
I'll help the lady and make a big deal out of it. It just might get into the news!
I'll help the lady and offer her a cup of tea.
Question 4:What kind of clothes do you like to wear?
Something showy and glossy
My old jeans and my grandfather's sweater!
Something boring and very casual.
Question 5:Which of these pets would you take?
No pets or pests for me.
An animal that is big and expensive.
A loyal dog
A lamb
A pig, after all, a pet has to remind its owner.
Question 6:What languages do you speak?
At least two and I'm not afraid to use them - when I'm drunk I mean.
At least 3, but I can't speak them perfectly so I won't speak at all.
2, but I forgot the other one right after school.
Only 1, because everybody who's anybody speaks it.
Only 1, but does that really matter?
Question 7:You are trying to explain something, but the person you're speaking to doesn't seem to understand. What do you do?
I'll try to use body language.
I leave him/her alone, I really couldn't care less.
I don't mind, I'll talk just for fun.
I'll talk a bit louder, even scream if necessary.
I try out every language I know, and then scream.
Question 8:Do you know, what is the capital of Finland? (Be honest!)
Finland.. hmm.. isn't that a part of Russia? Hey, it's a trick question!
Finland.. doesn't ring a bell..
Helsinki, daaah..
That's in Northern Europe, right? Stockholm!
Hey, Santa Claus lives there.. Korvatunturi.
Question 9:Name a famous invention.
Cellular phone.
Theory of relativity.
"You are the weakest link!"
Question 10:Where are you from?
Everywhere: we own the world!
It's a little country, you wouldn't know it.
From the land of beer and leatherpants!
Not everybody live in Europe or have some severe traumas...

This Quiz has been designed by Mia V..