Old Skool Punk Quiz

None of that bubble gum pop here... only trivia on REAL punk

Question 1:What vile punker promised to kill himself on stage but died of an overdose instead?
Darby Crash
G G Allin
Dee Dee Ramone
El Douche
Kurt Cobain
Question 2:Who was the original singer for Black Flag?
Henry Rollins
Kieth Morris
Chavo (Ron Reyes)
Dez Cadena
Jello Biafra
Question 3:Of these which is not an all female band?
Bikini Kill
The Plasmatics
Betty Blowtorch
The Donnas
The Lunachicks
Question 4:Who was the lead singer of the Plasmatics?
Sharon Needles
Belinda Carlisle
Pat Smear
Wendy O. Williams
Question 5:Who once played drums for the Germs?
Pat Smear
Lorna Doom
Bobby Pyn
Belinda Carlisle
Darby Crash
Question 6:Who is the lead singer of TSOL?
Fat Mike
Joey Cape
Mike Hetson
Jack Grisham
Jello Biafra
Question 7:Who once ran for public office?
Henry Rollins
Jello Biafra
Glen Danzig
G G Allin
Joey Ramone
Question 8:Which of these punks is not dead (yet)?
Dee Dee Ramone
Joe Strummer
Wayne Kramer
Jason Bass
Wendy O. Williams
Question 9:Which of these bands is not originally from LA?
Circle Jerks
Black Flag
Dead Kennedys
Question 10:Who has never been in the Dayglo Abortions?
Chris Auld
Question 11:Who is not a member of The Damned?
Captain Stupidity
Raymond Ian Burns
Garrie Dreadful
Rat Scabies
Question 12:What's the name of Eric Melvin's coffee shop?
Spun Melvins
He doesn't have a coffee shop
Three on Speed
Sippin Java
Question 13:Who "Saw your mommy and your mommy was dead"?
Dead Kennedy's
Dayglo Ablortions
G G Allin
Dead Milkmen
Suicidal Tendencies
Question 14:Who "Shot mommy with an automatic"?
Dead Kennedys
Dayglo Abortions
Suiciadal Tendencies
The Misfits
Social Distortion
Question 15:Who has "Something to say... I raped your mother today"?
G G Allin
Dayglo Abotions
The Misfits
Question 16:Who was the lead singer for Minor Threat?
Ian MacKaye
Jello Biafra
Henry Rollins
Kieth Morris
Cyco Mike

This Quiz has been designed by Willaim Robesky.