Which character from the movie "SCREAM" are you?

Every day is a day in the life of a horror movie, find out which person you'd be.

Question 1:During school, where can/could you be found?
I never went to school, unless it was to see my girlfriend/boyfriend
I was in class learning because I'm a good girl/boy
I only went to school if there was official assistance needed
You could find me debating about and acting out scenes from movies
Question 2:If you could be anything when you grow/grew up, what would it be?
I would be a movie director
I would be in the police force
I'm sure, something successful
I would be a psycho
Question 3:When faced with a problem, how do you deal with it?
I practice shooting at work
I write about it in my journal
I kill someone
I watch movies and point out their flaws
Question 4:At a party, where can you be found?
I would be watching movies and critizing the actors
I would be busting the underage drinkers
I would be sitting with friends and a cop since a killer is after me
plotting against everyone
Question 5:What is your favorite movie?
National Security
anything with Jaimie Lee Curtis
Question 6:What is/was your favorite class in school?
Question 7:If a killer was after you, where would you run?
I wouldn't see it coming because I was watching movies
I wouldn't run, I'd be the killer
Upstairs because I'm stupid
Outside with the news reporter
Question 8:What's your favorite thing to do?
Watch movies
Plot against people and plan ways to kill them
Uphold the law
Hang out with my friends and avoid psycho killers
Question 9:If you could describe yourself in one word what would it be?
Question 10:How often do you watch movies?
When I run out of tactics
when I have nothing else to do
when I'm not upholding the law
Question 11:Do you enjoy being around a lot of people?
yes, especially if I'm helping them
only if they don't mind that I'm watching, talking about, or acting out a movie
yes, it makes me feel safer
only if they don't know who or where I am
Question 12:What is you favorite magazine to read?
"Men's Health"
"The Psycho's Guide"
"Movie News"
Question 13:If you could meet anybody in the world ( real or fiction), who would it be?
Ummm...Britney Spears
Jamie Lee Curtis...man, that body!
A famous Cop
Norman Bates...how did he do it???
Question 14:What is your favorite room in the house?
My bedroom
The livingroom...duh, the DVD player's there
The den...nobody can see me
The kitchen...I gotta eat
Question 15:Why did you take this test?
I was bored
Tests are fun
The DVD player is broken, so I figured why not
To find out if people have found me out

This Quiz has been designed by Sara.