HP-Order of the Phoenix Quiz

Nice book, too bad Sirius Black dies at the end, though.

Question 1:Who does Harry Potter meet and have a nice little chat with at the Owlery?
Ginny Weasley
His mama
Cho Chang
Question 2:Why does Hermoine want to start a Defense against Dark Arts group, with Harry as the leader?
Because Harry wants to get to know Cho Chang a little more
Because fatty stupid Umbridge won't teach them anything useful
Because Dumbledore makes them
Because Ron needs the help
Question 3:Where does Mr.Weasley get taken to after his injury?
London General Hospital
Question 4:What in the world is occlumency???
Spell to get rich
A new subject at school
Spell to teach you to block thoughts and read minds
An instant death spell
Orriculum metalwork
Question 5:Why does Cho get pissed at Harry in Madam Puddifoots?
He dumps her
He tells her he has to meet Hermoine
He slaps her
He says Cedric sucks when she talks about him
He won't kiss with her like Roger Davies and his girlfriend
Question 6:Who is their new Divination teacher?
Gwamp, the giant
Professor Dahiop, Trelawny's half-sister
Firenze, the centaur
Question 7:Who does Snape get tortured by in his fifth year?
Sirius Black
Lucius Malfoy
Ludo Bagman
James Potter
Tom Riddle
Question 8:What do you think of Umbridge?
An old bat
Dumb person
Fat and ugly
A piece of smelly crap
Cruel and mean
Question 9:What is the "Weapon"?
A giant magic bomb to kill Voldemort and his followers(Death Eaters)
A machine gun
A nuke
A Prophecy
Atomic Bomb
Question 10:How much was your Harry Potter 5 book?

This Quiz has been designed by Bob Wilson.