Remembering the 80s

How much do you remember about the 80s?

Question 1:In 1980, which of these female punk stars burst onto the scene just after her first hit' "heart of glass"?
Patty Smyth
Pat Benatar
Lita Ford
Question 2:What was the name of the car (or the manu. brand) in "Back to the Future"?
Question 3:Who is the lead singer (and rhythm guitarist) of the Cars? (I ask b/c they were huge *glow*)
Benjamin Orr
Greg Hawkes
David Robinson
Ric Ocasek
Elliot Easton
Question 4:Which of these shows first aired a little bit of what (today) is the Simpsons?
Comic Relief
Married With children
The Tracey Ullman Show
24 jump street
Question 5:Which little creature had to "phone home?"
Teddy Ruxpin
Strawberry Shortcake
Question 6:What was this toy called? It was nearly impossible to figure out and they had little worldwide contests to see who could do it the fastest.
The Slinky
Rubick's Cube
Question 7:In which of these shows did Christina Applegate play Bud Bundy's sister?
The Nanny
Family Ties
Silver Spoons
Married With Children
Question 8:Who is "Ziggy Stardust"?
Robert Plant
David Bowie
Bon Scott
Dee Dee Ramone
Question 9:This little guy was always being chased around by angry little ghosts in this popular 1981 arcade game.
Ms. Pac-Man
Dig Dug
Question 10:What style was very very bright and blinding, also glowed under a blacklight?
Acid Wash
Jordache Jeans
Question 11:What did it say on George Michaels (and everybody else's) tshirt in the video "Wake me up before you go-go"?
Explore Monogamy
Frankie Says Relax!
Choose Life
Question 12:In which Movie did some psycho woman throw her daughter's rabbit in a boiling pot of scalding water?
Fatal Attraction
Crocodile Dundee
Question 13:What did the german gibberish in the beginning of Def Leppard's "Rock Of Ages" really mean?
Running through the forest in the dark
Grab the sword and run
Rock will never die
Something of the state of mind
Question 14:What was Madonna's famous quote from american bandstand?
"I am a material girl"
(the host says "what's left?") (she says "To Rule the World!")
"Take Cover!"
Question 15:Speaking of Madonna, where is she originally from?
St. Paul, MN
Detroit, MI
Atlanta, Georgia
Question 16:Which of these titles had a movie that starred Prince and even made an album as a soundtrack to the movie? *drool*
Purple Haze
Deep Purple
Purple Rain
Question 17:Which one of these 90-pound (at the time) PUNK ROCKER girls had hits such as "Heartbreaker" and "Promises in the dark"?
Pat Benatar
Joan Jett
Question 18:Which of these Motley Crue members is the bassist (he also played piano once in a while and did backing vocals)
Vince Neil
Tommy Lee
Nikki Sixx
Mick Mars
Question 19:Which one of these Movies had a song with the same title? (hint: the song was sung by one hit wonders Deep Blue Something)
Sixteen Candles
Purple Rain
Breakfast at Tiffany's
Question 20:Last of all, who was that crazy Tennis guy who was also a sidekick to The Boss? (Bruce Springsteen)
Mac Gyver!!
John Mac Enroe
Mac and Cheese?

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